Abbott, John G.          English tenor banjo maker: made the Monarch    #1 & #2;

   1890-& 1905-1930s

Banjoists Broad 123; £500-BB    8/88;


Abbott, John,(son)     English maker and son of the above made a few    banjos called ÒAbbott-Victor 1932-1957


Abrams, (K?)               NYC ?


Academy banjo           made by Elias Howe of Boston c. 1885


Ace                              model by Ludwig: top tensionÕ1920s ;GG.118; this 1930's banjo was a work of art.with multi-colored wood marquetry inlay down the length of the fingerboard and down the center of the back of the neck. It also is prevalent on the sides of the resonator. The back of the resonator is inlayed with a large, fancy, multi-color inlay. The neck inlays are unusual and fancy. The peghead as can be seen is a silk-screened celluloid with a gold color. The resonator has the unique, original sound enhancing cone installed. The cone is made of metal and is fairly heavy. The tuners are geared. The tailpiece is engraved with the name of the banjo.


Ace Delux                   model by Ludwig


Acme                           Phila, PA by SS Stewart,& Stewart & Bauer: line of banjos made for the Sears contract from early 1890s up to 1901; 1893-1901

Professional-vine inlay-$1350-B;    

'95-tree of life-$1000-G-10/88;

Tree of Life-'1900-$1500-G-2/95;



Acme University Glee                  model by SS Stewart for Sears


Airline                                cheap banjo


Ajax                             Brand name for English maker K. Prouse:    Probably made  for them by Temlett or Dallas


Alberts, Charles          Phil.:   made the  Sonoro ; 1903; (Cohen-Mug.)


Albrecht, O.H.            NYC;  c. 1902 (Cohen mug)


Alhambra                    model by Epiphone; 1927-1935 (AT); Epiphone Alhambra . ca. 1920s. Recording banjo; silver plated with pearloid fingerboard and resonator; walnut neck; B-$1650-1/00


All American              fancy Gibson model with highly decorated and inlaid resonator and neck. Peg head in shape of eagle. American Eagle on back of resonator;1930-   1937 and 1969-pres









Allegro                        model made by Fender  made only in 1971;


Allen Banjo Co.          Houston TX. Founded by Fonza Allen Smith;    1970s 's-


Allen, RC                          California, heavy metal rim, fancy: R. C. built banjos in Los Angeles   I think he is still around, this address is about 7 years old.  When I last saw him when I went to a jam/ practice session of Banjos-A-Plenty ( a tenor/plectrum band).  He was leading/guiding the session and even gave me a copy of their arrangement book.  I know Okie Adams knows him and can tell you more about them and him, too. Possibly Herr Roehling also.  R. C. Allen
1926 1/2 Doreen Ave. El Monte, CA 91733 714-643-8566  P.


Allen Standard              model by French 1880s 


Allison                        modern maker of copies in Providence RI. Out of business; Providence guitar and banjo 


Alrite                           Gibson made model;  1917-1920s


Aluminum Music Instru Co.   NYC  Merril (Cohen-Mug) 


Alvarez                        made in Japan:  model calledÓMinstrelÓ ÒDenver BelleÓ ÒSilver BelleÓ; makes Gibson copies;  also  made a synthetic rim model with aluminum mastertone tone rim;  1970-pres.  sold in the US through 2 jobbers in the early '70's.

   G. 7/29/94- $450;   


   RB 250-'70s- $400-G-11/94;

   Silver  Belle-Õ80s-$800-G-11/98



 Amateur, The             model by SS Stewart; 11Ó head; Fluer-de lis on head stock




$612-# 60364 ebay-2/00

 Ambassador               model by Ludwig: All gold and engraved parts    with brass rim, tonering and short flange; walnut neck with fancy engraved perl inlay; 1920s

   £800- w/g-BB-10/87:





American Conservatory                model Banjo  by L&H;   1920's  


American Conservatory                     company owned by Washburn Mados sold door to door with lesson program 


American Princess        ladies model by SS Stewart ; 10" heads  1800's    $475-B-1/90;  $600-G-7/89; $380-ebay-2/00 


Andrews                            NEW. Childs or travel banjo with 8 inch maple rim, tubular tonering; maple neck with rosewood fingerboard; a good quality instrument but the 14 inch scale places the bridge in the middle of the head BV-$295-11/99


 Antares/Ashland        open back, cheap beginning banjos, no tone rims;    12 brackets    AN125-new-$189-E:     New $189.50-E cat93A-2; 


Antoria                         modern; Banjoist Broad #124: 


Apollo                         metal rim banjo made by O. R. Chase of Boston: rare; 1880s    $375-B-6/88; 


Apollo                         English model by Rushworth & Dreaper (probably    made for them) 


Apollo                         model by Leedy: Leedy Apollo #1387. 1920s. Plectrum unusual variation with nickel plated &    engraved rim & top tension hoop, walnut neck has    faux rosewood celluloid fingerboardd & peghead    with engraved floral motifs; the  engraved    resonator back & armrest are wood effect celluloid; geared Grovers & patent neck adjuster     EX HSC $995-BV-12/98    $750-w/g-T-B-1/90;  P-#1387-1920s-$995-BVI-12/00


 Arcadian                                       model by Leedy 


Ardetone                                       model by English maker Rushworth 


Aria                             made in Korea or Japan:  aluminum rim on some,    painted black; Pro II is top of the line with inlay and carved heel; some Pro II do not have carved heel;    $225-E-/94;      Pro II-$1550-W-1/95;      $650-W-1/95; 


Arion                                   brand name used by L &H 1900s 


Aristocrat                    model by Paramount; 1920s; falls in middle of paramount line; walnut neck, rim and resonator;    gold plated; 19 fret tenor with walnut neck and rim; Leader type inlays in fingerboard, and peghead


  Para-T-30s-Vfancy-   $2250-G-3/95




Aristocrat                    model  by Washburn; 


Arlington                          older open back model


 Army & Navy             model by Gibson 1917-1920s


 Artist                          Model by Epiphone; also    


Artist                                    Model by Fender, walnut, chrome, pearl inlay, flathead tonering Ô70s-$1250-MP2/99 70's-$1200-E-1/00 


Artist                                    Model by Howard; 11Ó head mahogany neck, carved heel, ebony fngbrd,Individual bracket grooves in hoop $38.00 new 


Artist                            Model by Vega engraved perl inlay, carved heel    pie section resonator; individual flanges;  Intro:    1923-    $3000-7/29/94-G;   








 Artist        model by Ibanez 1970s; Gibson clone with wreath pattern inlay; two piece flange, flat head tonering; $775-BV-11/99 


Artist Grand               model by Farland with 28 3/8Ó scale, elaborate inlay, carved heel, Ô10-$2000-G-7/99 


Artists Professional    model by Paramount 


Artist Supreme           Plectrum, the ultimate Paramount Banjo; 1930    P-$5950-G-10/98    P-Õ30s-$5995-G-12/98 


Ashborn, James           Wolcottville, CT: one example in Smithsonian:    early commercial type: fretless, 12 bracks. Has pat.    Date of 1852 (Smith-List.) guitar and banjo maker between 1851-56. Apart from beeing the dominant guitar manufacturer at that time  delivering thousands of guitars, Ashborn also produced silver thread  wound silk strings for the fourth to six string on the guitars. It is  therefore clear that Ashborn was the first to produce metal strings in  quantities in the US. 


Aspen                          Racine WI ?;  1970s- 


Austin                                 inexpensive starter banjo import New=$300 


Avalon                        tenors; 1920Õs    $80-E-11/90;  >B.  


B & J                                     ?Dixie Brand of New York ?  1 Mado  and Tenor banjos seen on e-bay 


Baby Grand                model by A A Farland;  also model by Iucci 


Bacon, F.J.                   Professional model in 1905, made by V-F &    later by Lange into late teens: 1912 his own co. in Forrest Dale VT.:  still in 1912 a plant in Grotan Conn: 1920 Bacon Family Plant; 1922 became B&D: Bacon Family sold to Gretsch in 39.  FF had internal resonator .Made the Lyric; Professional FF; Grand Concert; AT. P. 16;  G.  7/29/94     Bacon Style B sn. 10270. Ca. 1920. Exceptionally    clean17 fret tenor with some nice pearl inlay     including Bacon in script in phd., all maple    with 11 rim with Little Wonder style tonering,     EX OHSC $450-BV-12/98;   

Lange Professional-$1000-G; 

Ff professional-Ô08-$1600-E;  

Bacon-Style B-Ô20-$195-E-11/90;   

FF Professional-$1000-B-11/89; 

Rhythm King-Ô20s-$300-G-10/88;

Teens-Profes. Grand Concert-orig-$2835-M-   10/94;

FF Professional-$2750-BV-2/95;

FF style 1-Lange—late teens-$900-G-2/95;


Professional Style 2-$1500-B-3/95;

FF Pro Special Grand Concert-$2750-B-3/95;

Grand Concert –with repro-$1475-lmisc3/95;

   FF Pro #1-Õ15-$1000-G-12/95;


   Style C-Õ20s-$550-BV-11/98;

Style C Banjo-Mando-1910Õs-$500-E-10/99

Style C #13039-20Õs-$550-BV-11/99

Style B-5str-$750-ebay-11/99


 Bacon Banjo Co.         Groton Conn: F. J. BaconÕs own co. making his own banjos: hired Day in 1922 and became B&D:    Style C 11Ó rim-simple ring-mahagony neck        1921-1922      GG. P. 110:


   Peerless-Ô20-repro 5-$700-L-1/95;

   Super Banjo style A-Õ22-repro-$1450-misc3/95;



B&D          1922-1939 Bacon & Day  made the ÒNe Ultra    PlusÓ: ÒSilver BellÓ ÒBlue BellÓ: f-hole flange in    1924: the ÒBelmontÓ ? bought  by Gretsch in 1939 who  made banjos with B & D name in the    30s 40s and 50s & 60s: The Gretsch B&Ds are not valuable.Check dowel stick to see if  made    by Bacon co.: Gretsch sold to Baldwin in 1970s;  (see Silver Bell, Senorita, Sultana, Montana, Peerless, Symphony) Fred Bacon began selling banjos in 1905.  In 1922 the companyÕs name  changed to Bacon & Day when David L. Day joined the company.  The f-shaped  holes in the flange were first sold in 1924. Before that they were round The Bacon & Day ÒSilver BellÓ  was usually a #1.all the way up to the B&D Ne    Plus Ultra #9  The tone rings without hole started in 1929.  Prior to that were the 28 hole tone rings.     GG in Pickin  Serial #      16510-1920Õs    19129-1920Õs    22669-1920Õs    35336-1930s

Style B-$1000-G; 

Bacon Cello Banjo-Ô38-$1950-E-8/94; 

Special #1-T-20s-$275-G-5/6/87; 

Radio Special-Ô20s-$850-G-7/89;


Blue Ribbon Special-T-$800/w/g-B-9/94; 


Rhythm King-T-Ôlate 30s-$400-G-9/94; ; 

B&D Blue Bell Style A-Ô20s-$1350-G-12/95;  


Weiser Special Senorita-T-Õ30s-$600-G-12/95;

Ne Ultra Plus#6-mid 30s-T-$10,000-G-5/96;

Style C-20s-$550-BV-10/98


Silver Bell#1-Õ24-$1350-BV-11/98

Silver Bell #3-Õ20s-$2550-BV-11/98

Style A-P-30-$1250-MP2/99


Super Style A- 5str-$1382-ebay-11/99

Special #1-#26440-$410-ebay 2/00


Bacon Folk Banjo       long neck made by Gretsch  in 1960Õs

Gretsch-long neck-60s-$425-G-12/94; 

Long neck-Ô60s-Gretsch-$350-G-12/95

Long Neck-$390-ebay-11/99



Bacon Mfg. & Pub. Co                 Forrestdale, VT.(Vega & Orpheum). 1908-1915 or 1905-1939 (AT. P. 94) 


B & M                         Cheap ÒEast EuropeanÓ made; advertised in    Sully 


 B & S                                  ?????????


 Baily, Ed L                 Brooklyn, NY  1915?-1920s; AT.p. 94


 Baldwin                                       Cin. Oh.; bought out Gretsch in 1967.consolidated, Gretsch, Ode Banjos and Baldwin    guitars into one co. Went bankrupt in 1980 see  Ode;;1967-1980

   Style D-P-Ô70-$850w/g-G-12/93; 

   Style A-T-Ô70s-$$250-G-6/89;

   Style C-Ode-Õ70-$795-BV-11/98

Ode # 127633-1976-BV-$650-11/99


Bandello                            By Kay; This is a Kay made Bandello banjo uke. Judging from the headstock design it would be from the period 1930-40. It has a solid spruce top rather than a skin, and an open back. It appears to have been a relatively inexpensive item in it's day but has a surprisingly decent sound. Painted top and sides; a little player wear.  $57-ebay-2/00 


Bandmaster                 Epiphone Recording B;; 1925-1935


 Bandola                      Portland Mane: Instruments featured wooden    bodies shaped like HersheyÕs Kisses with    various necks fitted to them; also made     mandolins & Guitars ; 1908-1915; Cohen-Mug.


 Banjofone Tango       Made and patented by William B. Farmer  c. 1910: 11Ó head, 14Ó scale, 4 string neck, violin    type peghead, wood rim with patented head    tightening device;  $400 e4/96


 Banner Blue               made by Lange ;  a Paramount model








Bantar                          By Dopera- 6 string guitar-Banjo; 60s    $500-650-G-8/90; 


Barnes, H.C.                Boston, MA. Probably made by Fairbanks,    Grade 1 ;  They were a department store;    bought out by Elias Howe in 1898; c.1890-1898 RTB p. 41;  $350-BV-2/95;


 Barnes Brothers          English makers. Copied the Essex Paragon.    Called it Paratone. ; 1920s 


Barnes & Mullins       English Banjo maker and instrument sellers:    made Zither bajos etc Most banjos made by    others; All metal rim was one of their models    ÒLyratoneÓ etc.; 1894-1939    £250-Zith.-Ô20-BB-10/87; 


Barr, Tom                    modern maker of wood-rim banjos: 105     South Main, Galax VA 24333; 


Barrett, C                           ?c. 1880


 Barrows Music Co       Saganaw MI, made the Waldo ??? see Burrowes; Cohen-Mug. 


Barry                            1920Õs    20s-$1000-G-8/90; 


Bay State                     banjos made by Haynes of Boston. Haynes worked for Oliver Ditson from 1845 until1907. He became president of Ditson co. 1880-90s;    GG.  P. 59:

Piccolo #301-$425-B-4/87;


Model #352-$550-B-9/94;



Baystate Model 318-1890s-$350-BV-10/95;


 B.B. Banjo Co.            P.O. Box 1103; Riverside CA 92502;  made all  brass banjo shells in the 70 s;1970s 


Beavon                        English maker. Made for him by Matthews;    1880s-c.1918 


Bella Voce                   Gibson model; 1927-1929







 Bellflower                  model made by Stelling    $1550-G-7/89; 


Belltone                      model by Epiphone; 1930s    T-$450-G;      T-20s-$450-G;     T-Artist-Õ30-$325-G-3/95; 


Bellevue                      T-model by Ludwig: fancy engravingon metal , and marquetry on rim




Bellevue Special         Tenor Model by Ludwig all walnut resonator    and neck; rim is brass with black chrome plating and gold hardware; full flange with tulip cutouts.  1930s    T-Õ30s-$950-BV-10/99 


Bellflower                   Stelling model:  Ô99-$2500-Pk-1/99;  Ò81-$200-g-   1/99; 


Bellevue  Special                          Tenor model by Ludwig: Bellevue Special . ca.    1930s. all walnut resonator and neck; the rim is    brass with black      chrome plating and gold    hardware with full flange with tulip cutouts;    gold planet tuners, fancy inlay in  fingerboard;    armrest is engraved Bellevue Special $950-BV-12/98 


Belmont                      Made by Gretsch; They bought Bacon Company in 1939 and produced their versions of Silverbells and other  models. During the the 50s and 60s they made the  Belmonts in regular and long neck versions. They are good, solid instruments with a simple or no tonering. Virtually the same  banjos were sold with a resonator and called Senoritas. The fingerboards were sometimes wood with pearl dots, sometimes ÒplasticÓ The pegheads were generally layered black & white plastic with the name engraved, but some were  MOT with the name painted on. They were made in Brooklyn; Long neck-Ô62-$500-G-7/99 . 


Benary, H.                    NYC; 1890s Cohen-Mug. 


Benner, E. W.              English maker Zither. GThis is a very nice 6-string Zither banjo made in England (I think) by


Bently . .                              This Korean made resonator five-string plays easy and is a good functional beginner                     instrument. VG OSSC $95 


Big Chief                     model by Ludwig 1927 


Big Horn                     model by Flatiron 


Birch                            English, cheap zither banjos. Cost 100 pound    Cohen-Mug.  Black Beauty        model by A.A. Farland 


Black Hawk                 model by Ludwig 1927 


Black Star                    Old Time Copies; 548 S. Pearl Str. Denver    Colorado; 1970s-? 


Blanchette                         Eli Blanchette Wacona sn. 27314. Ca. 1930s. a very interesting tenor banjo possibly made by an   employee of the Bacon company. We have only seen two examples of work by Eli Blanchette and both were  very fancy banjos with materials and workmanship similar to the B&D Sultana line. This instrument features a    maple neck with pyralin fingerboard and peghead which are painted and engraved as per Sultana banjos. The rim construction is unique and Blanchette holds several patents which are mentioned in the red Tsumura  book. The flange and sides of the resonator are one solid piece of gold plated and engraved brass. The resonator back is pyralin and very similar to Sultana banjos in decoration but the hooks and nuts tighten through the back. The peghead is a very unusual shape with the word WACONA etched and painted down  the center. This is a high grade instrument that plays and sounds great. EX HSC –BV-$1950-11/99  Blue Bell                               model by B&D; 1920s     $2000-G    Style A-Õ20s-$1350-G2/95 


Blue Bud                                       model by Epiphone:  1920s 


Blue Comet                 really cheap banjo made in the20Õs 30Õs & 40Õs:    sold in department stores & in catalogues., 


Blue Ribbon               model by Bacon & Dey; Style A= natural finish curly maple, 11 1/2Ó head, perforated Blue Ribbon Ring, flush mount resonator, pearl inlaid heel cap and back of peghead.


T-20s- $475-G-8/90; 


T-Style A-20s-$700-MP2/99




Bluegrass Classic           Model by Rich & Taylor;  Ô97-$1675-E-7/99 


Blueridge                    Student Banjos made by Saga Musical Instrument Co. in orient. Aluminum rim     $90-E-3/90;      new-$110-125-Ô87; 


Bobzin, Charles          Detroit, MI (Cole);1892-1915; AT. P,. 94 


Bogen, John, J.            NYC; 1870; Cohen-Mug. 


Bohee, James               American performer who settled in London. Sold SS Stewarts and then his own. ÒChampionÓ Banjo. Majority made by Weaver;   c. 1882- 


Bohee                          top of line brand by Sully, i.e. made by Hullah    of N. Wales: introduced in 1993; models,    Paragon, Gold Paragon,    Sullys Cat- £1000-2000  range; 


Bohmann, Joseph  c. 1890 


Bohnenberger             patented and made  both 4 & 5 string banjos    each with an extra string that went to the peg-   head. Patent date was 1908;   1900s-? 


Boosey & Co.              English; Banjos and zither banjos were made    by Windsor and Weaver: in 1920s his were  imported from US. 


Bostock                       English: Zither banjo maker; 1880s-1920s 


Boucher,   Wm.           Baltimore (drum maker): maybe made for Sweeny: 3 examples in Smithsonian collection;    fretless: all dated 1845, 46, 47: was first large-scale banjo maker.  RTB pic. 2, 24, : Smith-list; 


Bowan, Wm                NYC; 1910  Cohen-Mug. 


Bowen, Wm                Newark, NJ ? 


Bowman, Jos.              Chicago 1890  


Boyden                               Unique rim made from individual little round cells. Looks like a cake pan.  Aside from observable physical properties, there is not much known about the Boyden banjo. It was patented and made by B.E. Boyden, Bridgeport, Connecticut, March 31, 1891. This one is very playable.  It is clear from wear patterns on the fretboard that his one served someone very well for a long time.  Judging from the wear on the fretboard itself but not on the frets my guess would be that it was played with gut strings most of its life and the tailpiece is a late addition. The neck is not reinforced as was the custom but it is remarkably straight. It looks like Mr. Boyden was so interested in quality of construction he forgot all about making money. There is some confusion over the name itself. The nameplate appears to spell the name BoydOn and the heelcap clearly says BoydEn.  $800.  


Brass Band                  Orpheum model by Rettburg &Lange    $2500-G-11/94;     $950-BV 2/95: 


Bradbury, C.               Spun over rim with large independent tonering which fits over the rim; Unusual peg head shapre;  1890s    $700-BV-2/96 


Brandt                         modern wood carver usually using stelling metal parts;    banjos all have religious themes; ÒBridge over    JordanÓ ÒMorning StarÓ ; makes about 1 a year;    1990    -$2500-Pickers 


Bree, Thos. W.             San Francisco;  1849; Cohen-Mug. 


Broadkaster                      tenor model by Gretsch with mop covered fingerboard; top tension; some without the mop 


Bruno                          NYC;   a performer: his banjos  made by     Buckbee?, or Lange or by Regal in Chicago    (The Glee Club Tenor)* 1885- 1920s ?    Cohen-Mug. 

20s-P-Royal ArtistA-$550*-E-8/94;

   Glee Club Tenor-20s-$175-G-12/95*;

   Tempo Grande-20Õs-T-$550-E-10/98.



Bruno, C. & Son         NY distributor of instruments; Still in Business 


BU2               Gibson  Banjo Uke 1929-BU-$406-ebay-11/99 


Buckbee, J.H.              NYC:  maker for many; became the largest of the post-war banjo manufacturers: sold both handmade and mass produced instruments; they made the Farland, Foote, Converse, Bruno, Mather and H.& G.C. Dobson. Taken over by R&L 1897.; 1863-1897    AT.p. 94,GG. P, 47: Banjo Craftsmen &     Manufac. In Mugwumps ??   

 Vine inlay-$1000-B;  


   Beau Brummel-90Õs-$325-BV-10/98;

   MoP  fingerboard w/abalony inlay, fleur de    les-$1000-ps-11/98.


Buckdancer                       model by Liberty banjo co.,  


Buckley, Geo. S.         NYC; Cohen-Mug. 


Buehling, Clarke        modern maker of gourd banjos: 326 Adams    St.,Fayetteville AR 72701   Bunkley                                            1880s fretless banjo, 9Ó head, herringbone position markers 20 brackets.  Mug.4/6/74 


BUGELSON & JOCOBSON, NY,   made zither-banjo type Uke


Burford, L.D.              Toledo Ohio   1902; Cohen-Mug. 


Burke, Walter & Wm. Gerke Providence, RI:  inexpensive wooden- rim 5 stringsÓ ;c. 1885; RTB p.54;  


Burrowes Music Co.    Saginaw Mich;  made banjos for the performer    Waldo. (written Barrows by Cohen in     Mug.)1894-1902; GG. P, 57 


Butler                          English zither banjo maker;  1880s? 



Callico                         model by Deering 1998-$1750-ebay-11/99 


Cammeyer, Alfred       American inventor of the Zither banjo. Moved  to England and was partner of Essex for 10    years 1890-1900;  After partnmership disolved, he made banjos with his name. ;model Zither    Banjo, ÒVibranteÓ ÒVibrante RoyalÓ ÒNew EraÓ    regular banjo- Boudoir; retired in 1939: company taken    over by Young who continued to make     Cammeyer banjos; Young Cammeyer banjos    do not have facsimile of Cammeyer signature.    Banjoists Broad-123; In 1893 Clifford Essex and Alfred D. Cammeyer formed a partnership with offices and  teaching studios at 59 Piccadilly, London.  At first, thebanjos and zither-banjos  they sold under the brand name of "Essex &

Cammeyer" where made for them by Temlett,  Weaver, Wilmshurst and

Windsor but early in 1896 they opened their own workshops at 13 Greek

Street, Soho, and were soon employing fourteen workmen to make banjos

and zither-banjos for them. The partnership was dissolved in 1900 when

no more "Essex & Cammeyer" instruments were produced.

When Clifford Essex arid Alfred D. Cammeyer dissolved partnership in

1900, Cammeyer took over the workshops (established in 1896 at 13 Greek

Street, Soho) for the production of Cammayer instruments.  These were

mainly zither-banjos but some banjos (and later, plectrum banjos and

tenor banjos) were made.  The man in charge of the workshops was Sidney

W. Young who was responsible for the designs of the famous "Vibrante"

and "Vibrante Royal" zither-banjos and the "New Era" banjos bearing the

Cammeyer name. When Cammeyer retired from business ill 1939, Sidney

Young took over the workshop at Richmond Buildings, Soho, and continued

to make instruments under his own name up to the outbreak of World War

11.  After the war he established a workshop at 70 New Oxford St.,

"here he worked in conjunction with John Alvey Turner Ltd. until his

retirement in 1963.  When Cammeyer died in 1949, Mr. Young acquired the

stock of Cammeyer "parts" and timber and from these Produced many

"Vibrante" zither banjos but these instruments do not carry the

facsimile signature of Alfred D. Cammeyer, which first appeared on

Cammeyer instruments after July 1st, 1900 and was attached to all his

instruments until the date of his retirement.


WTB are the initials of the Tonk Brothers of Chicago.  Sterling was

their trade name and also appears on banjos made for them by others.

 Vibrante Royal-£385-BB#118/89; 

   New Era de Luxe-£650-BB-8/88;

Zither banjo-£115-HG-9/94;



Campus                       Epiphone model long neck made by Gibson.     60Õs     $475-G-12/93:      $475-B-4/87;     $300-G-7/89; 


Capitol                        Model by Ludwig;  Tenor: This is a 4 string banjo manufactured by Ludwig banjos. On the fingerboard there are mother of  pearl inlays. It has 4 bone or imitation ivory tuners. On the neck in inlaid the words ÒCapitol and       LudwigÓ with a fleur-de-lid. The fingerboard is edged in bone or imitation ivory as well. The tuners are set in silverplate which has engraved on them a planet saturn and the words ÒPlanet Pat PendÓ. The plating on the bottom edge has some wear with the brass underneath showing through. There are no breaks in the seams or skin. The lacquer finish has somewhat crackled due  to age. Comes with itÕs carrying case, it is amber velvet lined, some wear with a brass tag stating it is a ÒLudwig Banjo The Ultimate in BanjoÕs Chicago, USAÓ with an embossed banjo (great tag).    $450-G;     Ô20s-$350-G-3/95; 


Carey                           Chicago  (made by L&H ) c. 1910; Cohen-Mug. 


Carolina                             built by JIMMY COX of Topsham, Maine. Jimmy runs                     the 5th String Studio where all the major banjo companies such as Gibson, Stelling, and Deering  buy their parts for their banjos. Jimmy collaborated with World Renowned Banjoist RAYMOND FAIRCHILD in the early 1990s to create a Banjo like the prized Pre-War Gibson  Banjos of the 1930s, and they did just that with the "Cox-Fairchild." A limited run of 100 gold  and 100 nickel plated Cox-Fairchild Banjos were made, all the Gold Cox-Fairchild Banjos sold   out within a matter of a few months. There was such a high demand for the Cox-Fairchild Gold Banjo that Raymond & Jimmy came out with, "THE CAROLINA". 5-String Banjo! This Banjo is not a raised head, nor is it a flat head. It is in between, making this Banjo powerful and very unique sounding.  


Castle                          model by Ludwig 


Catani                                  DÕAngelo 8 string italian banjo/manjo called Catani. Fabulous mother of pearl inlay on back. 24Ó in length. Ornate Brass banding on sides. 


Cedar Mountain            modern banjos by Lo Gordon of Brevaed, NC                                      1-800-425-0431 


Celebrated Benary        Model by Benary: The banjo measures 34" long and the round part is 11 1/4" in diameter. The neck is made of one piece of solid mahogany and has mother of pearl inlay along the fret board. The only writting is on a silver plated engraved plate at the base of the neck that reads "Celebrated Benary". The banjo is also marked on the bottom where the strings attach "Ookser Pat Dec 31, '89". On the underside of the wood where skin is located the banjo is numbered, but I am unable to make out the number. There are 38 "J" shaped hooks around the edge. $190-ebay-2/00 


Chacey-Built Banjos  Amesville Ohio; 1963- 


Challenger                  Tenor model by Lange,  a Langstyle banjo sometimes with a Superetone name, so made for Sears by Lang.  1920s The Challenger Melody King and the Challenger Victory were both manufacctured by William Lange the builder of Paramounts, Orpheums, Langestyles, Langecraft, Broadcraft and many many more for various and assundry stores.  The Melody King model was a bottom end professional level model which sold for $135 in the late 20Õs--$5 more than a Paramount A.    


Chamberlain               English banjo maker 1910s til 1939 


Champion                   model by SS Stewart: SS Stewart 5-string open-back banjo. "Champion" model. It has a metal-clad rosewood rim, an ebony fretboard with numerous inlays, and friction-type ivory tuners $361-ebay-2/00  also a model by E.D. Lewis 


Chanterelle                 Open back banjos by Mike Ramsey of Appomatox Virginia: Fretted and Fretless: scooped fretboard: Saturn peghead inlay $650-$1100 range 


Chapman                    Rare  bracketless 1890Õs  Ô90-rare-$375-B-6/88; 


Chase, O. R.                Boston made the Apollo Banjos: held 2 patents-   one piece metal rim with edges turned in; no    dowel stick; he made Gad Robinson banjos but    none survive: made a few banjo-guitars.  Made    3 models (# 1,2,&3) in 9, 10 or 11 in. rims. No 3    had 46 brackets. 1882-1888 RTB p. 42 1880s-$495-BV-10/95; 


Chautauqua -                   Moderm Banjo made by Chuck Lee in Texas with Tony Pass lost forest rim and wood tone ring. C. $1500


Chicago                              cheap 5 string model (ebay) 


Chopourian                model made by Weyman for a famous early    20th cen. Player; 12Ó spun rim with mahagony    marquetry inside; longer than normal neck-2 to    3Ó longer; Mike Seeger 


Christy                        model long neck1960Õs  $250-G-7/89; mid 60s-$500-G-5/96; 


Ciani                           New York-  tenor banjos; early 1920ÕS G. 7/29/94;  $450 


Citation                              Korean import 


Clamp,J                       English maker of fretless, freted & zither    banjos, carved necks and heels. Began c.1890 


Clareen                        Modern Banjos made in Ireland by Tom Cussen; SullyÕs Cat. 


Clarion  Clark                               modern banjo with no hole tone ring, fancy    abstract inlays, 5 star metal parts  from 60s ??;    flat-head; from BG-L 


Clark, Edmund           c. 1880 


Clarke, J. W.                NYC    made the Thunderer; 1860-1892; Cohen-   Mug. 


Clarophone                      4 string uke ? appears to have sometype of metal bridge ??; closed back e-bay/99; also a tenor closed back, maple color; 


Classic                         Epiphone Classic sn. 6850. Ca. 1920s. this banjo  has a custom rosewood neck with a Spartan figure carved in the heel and Greek symbols in the fingerboard. The rim has an inlaid Spartan scene on the back. The metal parts are gold and engraved. $2500-BV-12/98 


Clem, Peter                 NYC    made Ossman 1900; Cohen-Mug. 


Clerc, Leon                  English maker; 1888-1908; Banjos and zither banjos; made ÒAthenaÓ ÒCrescentÓ and     ÒMarvelÓ 


Clifton                                model by English maker Grey: 20Õs-$1500-E-4/99 


Clipper                        model by Essex 


Cluett                          Albany: similar to SS Stewart American    pricess; Cohen-Mug.;; 1880 


Coker, W.G.                English, 1886-1954. Patent on a flange shaped like the number 7 


Cole, W. A.                 Boston ; made Eclipse: split from Fairbanks in    1890 set up his own co.; 1890-1909; AT. P. 94      GG.p. 53;

83-Boat heel-$500-G-8/90; 


Man in the Moon-$1500-B-9/94; 

Eclipse Butterfly-$2950-B-9/94;  


Eclipse-Õ81-man in moon-$1750-G-11/98





Cole, F.E.                    Boston (Eclipse); son of W.A. took over after death of father in 1909; 1909-1922; GG. P, 53 


Collegian                    model by Leedy walnut neck and resonator; top tension; 19 frets, , nickel plated metal resonator with engraved sides, bound board,


T-20Õs $475-McP-8/99;

T-20Õs $750-BV-10/99




Collegian                           Uke-banjo by SS Stewart; $91-ebay-1/00 


Cologravure                model by Grey of England 


Columbia                    Model by Ludwig: tenors some with top    tension; 20s; $250-G-8/19/94;   T-30s-$200-G-5/6/87 


Columbia                    1890s ÒDobson styleÓ banjo:pearl inlaid tailpieceÕcelluloid fretboard below 17th fret engraved with Columbia; 1890s $717-MB-1/99 


Columbian                  model by A. C. Fairbanks 


Columbus                         brand name used by L &H 1900Õs 


Comet                          made by G. Thayer; C. 1895 set of two-$2500-B-11/89; 1-$800-B- 3/95;


Commodore                model by Ludwig;  Plectrum; see Ludwig 


Concert                        model by Epiphone 30s 7/29/94-T-$2850w/g-G 


Concertone                  model by Fender:  1960s-1970s- Concertone-Ô68-$1250-G-7/89 


Concertone                       of Chicago; 10  1/2Ó, stamped flat tone chamber;  a web site (http://coog.com         /concertn.htm) about a ÒConcertone GuitarÓ. Explains that the Concertone Guitar MAY have been  manufactured by Lyon & Healy and distributed through Sears or Montgomery Wards under the name ÒConcertoneÓ but he    isnÕt sure.Ó  1920s-1930s   also a Fender model from 1970s ????? Concertone-T-30s-$125-E-3/90;   repro 5-20s-$275-L-1/95; Concertone T-30Õs-$350-MP-2/99(very fancy, carved heel MOTS finger board) 


Concert Recording      model by Epiphone; engraved pearloid veneer on peghead, fingerboard, and resonator; rosewood neck; carved heel; 20s-30Õs T-$1850-G T-30-$2650-G-10/98 T-Õ20s-$2000-G-12/98 


Concert Special           Model by Epiphone ;20s    T-$2500w/g-G-7/94; 


Conqueror                        cheap aluminum rim import from Japan; This is a beautiful Bicentennial 5 string banjo, Conqueror model, made in Japan in the 70's. It has multiple inlays. It has a rosewood resonator, bridge, fingerboard and armrest. Mahogany neck. Bicentineal-$255-ebay-2/00 


Conrad                        modern; :  $65 in pawn shop; 1970s;  


Continental                similar to Lange: tenors 1930s mentioned in a McP list but no info $250-Ô70-VGC-E-88; 


Contessa                      5 string made in Germany by Hohner as their moderate priced line late 60Õs early 70Õs; also a 1970s banjo made for Gretsch ?? 


Converse , Frank B.          a performer whose banjos were made by Gordon ?, Buckbee ,  & Stratton, 1884-1898 


Corsican                       model by Ludwig 


Cort                             model by Ludwig 


Cort                             modern; $140-E-11/90 


Cortley                        made in Korea; Aluminum rim with built in    flange  modern; $135-E-8/90; 


Cotillion,                           model by Liberty banjo Co. 


Cox, John                    Tazewell Tenn. One example seen; thin maple rim: Maple neck with very large dot inlays and clover shaped peg-head. Dated 1910.,  


Crafters of Tennessee  banjos made by Mike Taylor before GRT;  1970s-? 


Craven, John               ?????? This is a great Antique Banjo made by John Craven & co., Boston. It is #309, Bay state. This is very old but has a few pieces of wood missing on the handle and some inlay missing. It is 33inches in length, 11.5inches in diameter.(ebay) 


Cremona                      Banjos made in Czech  Republic 


Crescent                      model by Vega: Student banjo, resonator and    indiv. Flanges: tenor or mando-banjo only;    mahagony neck, maple rim with steel tone    ring: $32.50 c.1932; also  Crescent was a Thompson & Odell brandname, circa 1885-1900s. also a model by English maker Leon Clerc. 


Crestline                            cheap imports 


Crown                         ?-having a spun  rim $150-V-4/91 & 8/94; 


Cubley, E. J                 Ravenswood, IL. Until they got their own manufacturing operation going, Cubley is reported to have supplied the guitars instruments sold by Lyon & Healy. CubleyÕs factory was destroyed by fire in March, 1893.  He made a lot for his day for Lyon & Healy, but was unable to keep up with L&HÕs supply demand, so they opened their own factory. He has 3 patents, one for the tuners, one for the pot, and one for a neck connector ? Metal rim 11Ó rims : some small 9 1/4Ó rim. Multi-color ; Wood marketry inlay on peg stock:     (GruhnÕs=Walnut neck, hollow metal rim,    11Óhead metal sheath on fingerboard up to 5th    position); 1882-1893 Cubley-80Õs-$395-BV-10/98;                                 80s-11Ó-$575-E-4/99 Cubley-80s-$675-G-11/98 


Curtis Electric                 An extroardinarily rare collector grade banjo from the Fairbanks Company, a model named after Alfred Fairbanks son, Curtis. The 11 inch rim is spunover with an elevated tone ring that was experimental in design. The mahogany neck has simple engraved inlays and its original celluloid fancy tuners. #2370-c.1893-$1995-B-1/00 


Curtis, N.B.  


Curtz                           modern maker fretless banjo


Custom Concert Tone                   by Fender; Fender "Custom Concert Tone" Banjo with case. Carved Eagle Resonator, heel and keyhead. All hardware gold and engraved. Includes both the plectum 4 string neck (mounted) and the 5 string neck., Only a few were made. 1970s-$3000+ range ebay  >D. 


Daisy Brand                     Made in US 1890s ??? (e bay) old cheap tenor 


Dale                            9 string (first 4 strings doubled, like mandolin)    then 5th string $1000-G-8/90; 


Dallas, J.E.                  English maker of zither banjos and regular    banjos: beginning c.1875. Made fine instruments until WW    II: then instruments after the war are no where    near as good: made many banjos.: made a six string zither; the inner wood    rim is decorated with 13 silver colored metal decorative plates. The neck is light maple with a    rosewood keyboard with Mother of Pearl inlay, measuring about 26Ó long (36Ó total). The    calfskin head is ripped and needs replacement. It is signed, JE Dallas, Maker, 202 Holbern, W.C and numbered 6888. There is some shallow cracking of the rosewood keyboard (see  picture), which features a tunnel for the first string through the end of the neck. £125-BB#118/89; 


Daniels, Joe                English Maker:  1890s-Top tension fretless,    with wooden tension hoop, inlaid flush fret    markers, serial numbers, 6 strings: and strange    zither type banjos with metal trim; died 1915

 $450-BV-10/95; $295-BV-2/96; 


Dansant                      model of Recording Banjo by Epiphone; 1927-1935; 1927 next to the top of the line Epiphone Dansant Tenor banjo, pearl nobs, on the original gold plated and engraved Grover tuning pegs. It has the original gold plated and   engraved arm rest, that has some plating wear from arm contact, and also at the edge away from the     tailpiece from case contact. The original Grover engraved and gold plated clamshell tailpiece is intact. The gold plated and engraved flange, hoop,     and metal rim bands are all in great shape. The heavily inlayed and painted resonator shows     remarkably little wear, but does have some separation of the celluloid back behind the neck, and a     very little bit behind the tailpiece (please see photos). IÕm told that this was one of the only models of     banjos ever produced that had inlay in the top edge of the resonator side. The heavily carved neck is     straight, and shows very little wear. The heel caps have seperated very slightly from the neck. There     is a slight bit of string wear to the first 4 frets.The serial number is 6469. The case has seen better     days, but still has its structural integrity.     Davidson                Made in England from US metal parts Hobgoblin Cat-£1395-94; modern 


Daynor                        banjo made by Gretsch 


Dayton                                model by Dayton banjo Co. 


Dayton Banjo Co.       Sioux City IA 1911-? ; banjo-mandolin with ÒThe DaytonÓ in block letters on the peghead.  Aluminum head, thick rim,; solid maple neck, hardshell case, and  nice inlay. With a 10Ó $175. 


Davis, W.G.                English maker if high grade banjos from 1900-   1936; Probably made by Abbott  


Deane, A.W.               Reading UK: Turn of century teacher who had    banjos made for him by Windsor or Abbott    1900 Zither-1900-$600-G-11/98;                                     Zither-1900-$600-G-4/99 


Deering                       Lemon Grove, CA:  made by Greg & Janet Deering; models: Standard & the Deluxe, Black    Diamond,ÓJohn   Ò  B6, D6, Deer12,    Maple Blossom(open back) & elect; bought    Vega name 1988. Issued new banjo w/ ÒVegaÓ    name in 1998 w/ Tubaphone ring; mid 70s--   pres

J. Hartford-$1150-E 12/93; 




Golden Era-Õ90-$1500-P-3/95;



J. Hartford-Õ94-$2422-MB-1/99;

J. Hartford-Õ96-Grenadilla-$1995-MB-1/99;

Golden Era-Õ90-$1851-MB-1/99



J. Hartford-Ô86-$1550-E-7/99;


Maple Blos-1984-$1400-E-10/99



DeLuxe                       model by Epiphone; 1925-1935 also   model by Deering 


Deluxe                        model by Vega: engraved hardware, gold plate    ;





Deluxe                                model by Stromberg w/ all rosewood construction, fancy engraved inlays in peghead and fingerboard, carved heel, nickel tension hoop and flange engraved with flowers, lots of colorful marquetry; '20s-$2850-BV-1/00 


Denver Belle               model by Alvarez $643-ebay-3/00 


Dewick W. H.             Brooklyn, NY: Made a tenor travel banjo with    hinged removable neck, built in resonator :    Dewick . ca. 1920s Plectrum. Interestingly    contructed banjo with detachable neck,     spunover rim and large resonator covered in    marquetry; The back of the resonator is     recessed against the rim and the bracket nuts    extend through the resonator back; very fine    workmanship;   early 1900Õs; Cohen-Mug.   This is a very nice 5-string banjo by DeWick.. The rim is 5/8Ó thick maple bound with checkered pattern wood marquetry. The tone ring is a 3/8Ónickel plated ring which sits on a groove in the wood  rim. There are 22 brackets, all original, and a ÒNoKnotÓ style tailpiece. The head measures 12Ó in  diameter. All hooks and nuts match. The plating is excellent with only a hint of plating wear through on a few  hooks. The tuners are modern Shaller geared type with 9/32Ó shafts, the original friction tuners are in the case.  The 5th string tuner is also a modern geared type.        The peghead of ?pearwood? has a tasteful fleur de lis pattern of pearl and abalone. The ebony fingerboard has pearl dots. The action is low and the neck of laminated maple is straight with almost no evidence of fretwear. A dowel rod bearing the name DeWick attaches the neck to the rim. The rim is quite fancy for the period with a dark edging on the bottom and a nice band of checkered wood marquetry. The finish on the neck is excellent. All the binding is tight. The natural skin head is in excellent condition. This instrument appears to be, for all practical purposes, completely original except for the tuners.

EX OHSC $850-BV-12/98;

Ô10-$565-E  1/94;  


Travel tenor-$500-G-12/95;

20Õs travel-$850-BV-10/98



Didlake, Scott            Mississippi Maker of gourd banjos using pre-Civil War Mississippi heart pine or wenge for necks, paduk for fingerboards, rosewood or ebony for tuning pegs, tacked heads. Died young. Taken over by Pete Ross as Kalenda Banza;1986-1994 

Diplomat                    model by Slingerland 


Diesel, A.W                NYC? 


Ditson, C.H                NYC; 1867-194? 


Ditson, J.E                  Phila, PA; 1875-1910 


Ditson, Oliver            Boston, MA: Early roots in Boston from 1783.    Ditson co. was formed in 1835, incorporated in    1889. Supplied capital to launch John Church    Co in Cinncinnati in 1860 and L&H in Chicago    in 1864. 1834-1856 


Ditson, Oliver & Co  Boston, MA; 1857-1888 


Ditson, Oliver Co       Boston, MA; 1888-194? 


Dixie   ?                             made Banjo-Uke  with aluminum rim and neck;1950s $150-G- 1/94 


Dixie                                    model of A.G. Puntililo1920 Dixie-T-$395-BV-10/98 


Dixie                           model made by Ludwig  1930Õs; 19 fret tenor top tension 


Dixie Favorite                 Model by Howard of Cin. Distributed by Wurlitzer; Metal rim, 30 brackets walnut neck ebony fingerboard $20 when new. 


Dixie Wonder             Dixie Wonder banjos were sold at Sears. The  may have been made by S.S.Stewart.  


Dobjo                                  Resophonic banjo by Dobro; 1994-$1200-E-4/99 1993 Custom-$1400-E-4/99 


Dobro                          CA; In 30Õs made the Tenortrope-round wood    body with numerous sound holes near edge    with round hole cover plate over spider cone-   rare; Dobro-Banjos made under Dobro name    beginning in 1967 when Mosrite bought rights.    Called the Dob-Jo: Bought by OMI (dobro    family again) in 1967, made regular banjos    with Dobro name; 1926-1967; what yÕall are talking about is the Dob-Jo 5-string Dobro guitar. ; actual Dobro BANJO, with a Ludwig head, & everything BANJO. ; hand-engraved pressed aluminum resonator, and the neck is only 11/16Ó thick. It came with a titanium alloy archtop tonering,;Dobro banjo was hand-made by John Dopyera himself, in his shop in Escondido, California, in 1972. The resonator was engraved by Rudolf, the middle Dopyera brother, in the brothersÕ Original Music Instrument factory in Long Beach. It was in 1981 that their patent lawsuit was finally settled with National Instruments, concerning the Dobro name, and Gibson bought the company along with the rights to the Dobro name in 1984; only 100 banjos made  -- these banjos are professional quality instruments, but very few even know about them.  Tenortrope ss# 2238-$1250-BV-10/98 Mossrite-Õ67-$1000-g-1/99 


Dobson, Charles Edgar      NYC: Famous player; lived 1839-1910: models:    ÒEcho (?)Ó  ÒSilver ChimeÓ : most banjos made    by someone else c. 1891 Silver Chime-$400—B-9/94; $750-misc 3/95; 


Dobson, Edward Clarendon       NYC: famous player: lived 1858-1919:  Edward C. Dobson New York . ca. 1880s. 11    inch spun over rimwith heavy double ended    shoes and bent hooks; the neck is mahogany    with a wide, decorative peghead shape; 26 inch    scale;   some interesting appointments     including a silver name plate on the dowel    stick GC $595

Orchestra Banjeaurine-$450-E;    


Orchestra-5str-$1000-B- 11/93:



Dobson, George C      Boston, MA;   famous player lived 1842-1931    son of H.C.; Matchless, Victor (distributed by    C. Bruno) but  all made by  Buckbee: 12 models    of the Victor: Star, Gem, Specialty, Matchless,    Professional, Elegant, Concert, Superior &    Regal. ; c. 1884; AT. P. 109:  RTB p. 44: 



ÒVictor GemÓ-1880s-$450-G-12/93; 

Fretless-70s-eagle brackets-$400-V-3/93;  


RobinsonÓ ?-$350-L-1/95; 

Victor professional-90s-$425-E-8/94;


Victor Gem-Õ80s-$425-BV-11/98



Dobson, Henry C       NYC:   player lived 1831-1908; most made by    Buckbee until 1897; credited with adding frets    in 1878: first closed back: first top tension:    ÒFirst try at tone ring designÓ which was    patented in 1881.1851-1897; Sandberg, p. 80; 


$825-misc of 3/95;



Pony size(9Ó)-90Õs-donut ring-$525-BV-11/99



Dobson, Henry & Son                 Boston, MA   Silverbell ? c. 1885 


Domino,  La                The Le Domino trade name was bought by Regal. They created this fine banjo ukulele. It was very                    popular back in the 20Õs.  


Dore Brothers                  New York 1890s Through a very knowledgable e-mail I found out that this is probably a banjo made by Jason Morrison of New York in the mid 1890's for Dore Bros.


Dorado                        Japanese made 


Douglas, The              model by Grey ???? by Houghton 


Douglas                      English banjo makers: probably made by G.    Houghton 


Down South                    ??English 6 string banjo with sloted peg head, zither type body; 10 3/4/ inch head; fancy back inlay on resonator (ebay) 


Dulcet                         English fretless 1900s $200-V-4/91; 


Dyer, B.F                                       Boston, MA c. 1855 RTB p. 53;    Cohen-Mug. 


Dyer, W.J                    St. Paul, MN  (Stetson) Fairbanks)c. 1895




Eagle                           Stewart-McDonald brand; mainly kits; some with aluminum rims 


Earl Scruggs                Gibson:  Badly made 60Õs version with Earls    signature inside: New 90Õs series new model    ÒStandardÓ,Flint Hill Special and Deluxe:    1960Õs 1984- new-$2275-G-12/95;


standard new $2050-G;




Earl Scruggs                model from Vega, 1960s;  Vega-1963;Vega model with round hole Tubaphone tone ring: , sunburst finish, 1960Õs 1965-$1250-G-11/98                                                                      Ô65-$1100-E-4/99 Vega SR5-Ô65-$550/G-5/87; 


Ebblewhite, A.V.       English maker of 6 and 7 string banjos: Zither    banjos with his name made by others.1880s-   WWI 


Eclipse                                          model made by Cole


Butterfly-$2950-B; -1/90

Man in Moon-$5250-ebay-11/99



Eclipse      model by Nechville; '98-$1085-E-1/00 


Echo                            model made for C.E. Dobson                                            A Williams style as well R. S. Williams Style 18 Echo sn. 12388. Ca. 1900. Stewart style open back banjo with cherry neck and ebony fingerboard with fancy pearl stars and moons inlay; 11 inch spun over rim with 27 inch scale neck;BVI- $475-12/99. 


Edwards, J.                  English: made plectrum special banjo in 1927 


Eibel, A.F                    Malden, MA c. 1895 


Eibert, H.F.                  Modern maker of Boucher style banjos from    120 year old gun stock maple New-$650-BV-10/95; 


Eisenbrant                  Baltimore; 1885 


Eko                              metal rim: made in Korea 


El Capitan                                     made of  a celuloid material    inlayed into the rim stick.  The banjo has a    typical Stewart shaped peghead with an    inlayed abalone star.  The 1/4Ó  thick wooden    pot is painted black.  It is half-clad  in German    silver and is almost identical to the half- cad       tone rings found on the Coles Eclipse models.     Appears to date from l900 – l925. Every physical        indication points to the  conclusion that the       neck and the pot are a match.   


Electric                        banjo model made by: Fairbanks, then  Vega.    Patented tone ring by Fairbanks in 1890:    became the Whyte Laydie

Special Electric-$1050-E;  




Imperial Electric-Ó01-$1650-BV-10/95;

Imperial Electric-1921-$1500-G-11/98

Imperial electric-1922-$1000-G-11/98


Vega Electric sn. 34519. Ca. 1930s. solid body electric plectrum with double horseshoe magnet pickups on metal cover plate; original black finish with white binding; very RARE, note: Near MINT OHSC $1500-BV-12/98; 


Elger                                     Cheap made in orient:  $350-400. Bowtie inlays in bound fretboard, Mastertone style tone ring, repro    stairstep tuners, 


Elite                            Short scale spunover rim, mail order with    painted inlays; ca. 1910 Ô10-$ 275-TR-12/94; 


Elite              Tenor model by Wurlitzer 17 fret tenor with walnut resonator; attractive, engraved pearloid peghead overlay; 20s-$295-BV-1/00 


Emerson, D                 NYC c. 1884 


Emperador                                                orient made ? 


Emperor                      style of Recording Banjo  by Epiphone 1927-   1935 


Empress,                      banjo made by Holcomb 


Encore                         Automatic, coin operated banjo that played    from a paper roll: 4 metal strings hit by 4 metal    claws could play 10 notes a second on the same    string: 2500 made in Boston between 1896-1908;    Only 20 now survive; 


Encore                                    This old wooden Encore banjo is in good condition and has a squarish neck 1" thick and 2" wide   with four holes drilled above each fret. Metal frets are in good condition and neck is 22.5" long  and has a scrolled head with four working tuning pegs that may be Bakelite.Head also has a   mother of pearl star. Neck has mother of pearl inlay of "Encore" and floral figures.Someone  suggested that this is a Nickelodeon banjo.Drum is 11" in diameter and cover is pulling away from  body.Has a small wooden bridge and a chip out of the head.Back of neck is engraved "Pat. Sept. 12, '93 ". (ebay) 


Enoch, Kevin              modern wood rim banjo maker 6C hillside Rd.    Greenbelt MD 20770 :  also made some for    Goose Acres in Cleveland OH $550-E 


Epiphone                    made by Strathopoulo  NYC: 1873 was called    House of Strathopoulo: then Epiphone Banjo    Corp. in 1928; Only banjo co. to make     successful switch to guitars in 30s; Acquired by    Conn in 1953; move to Phili.; reacquired by    family in 1955-few instruments;  acquired by    CMI in 1957, who owned Gibson;  Made    ÒGibson-EpiphonesÓ; Norlin acquired Gibson &    Epiphione in 1969; production in Japan and    Korea Mastertone copies; (1928 models Artist:    Alhambra; Bandmaster; Concert Special;    Dansant; Emperor): modern MB250 (tone ring)    and MB 200 (no tone ring)1873-pres    AT. P. 44    GG. P. 116:   GGVG p. 15;        

Style B-T-20s-$1500-G 9/94;   

   Concert Recording-20S-$1850-2650-G;


   Minstrel EB88-Ô67-$675-750E: 

   Campus-long neck-$475-B-4/87;


   MB250-$425-E 12/93:


Concert Special-T-Õ20s-w/g-$1250-G-12/95;


   long neck by gibson-$500-G-5/96;


   long neck-Õ63#113297-$747-MB-1/99



Essex, Clifford            English Co.; made the ÒParagonÓ beginning in    1924 ; models:ÓPopularÓ ÒClipperÓ,     ÒProfessionalÓ(had 12Ó hoop), ÒSpecialÓ,    ÒConcert GrandÓ ÒimperialÓ ÒC.E. SpecialÓ    ÒBoudoir GrandÓ  ÒRegalÓ ÒX X SpecialÓ    ÒParavoxÓÓParagon ArtistÓ ÒParagon deluxeÓ    plus 3 grades of Zither banjos.;and many    more:: some have a Ònickle plated internal    detachable resonatorÓ-Can be dated by the    address on label; 1900-pres.    Clifford-Essex Special XX . ca. 1920s. very high grade open bank banjo modeled after the Vega Whyte Laydie, with  scalloped tonering and bracket band; solid rosewood neck with thick ebony fingerboard and fancily engraved floral inlays $1950










Essex & Cammeyer     Partnership of English banjo makers for 10    years only: Banjos considered rare; 1890-1900 


ETB                             model by Gibson (Electric Tenor Banjo); late    30s    $1000-G-7/94 


Excelsior                      banjo made by Haynes 1880s 


Expert                          model by F&C c. 1889 




Fairbanks, A.C. Co.    Boston:Started making own banjos in 1875 then  joined with Cole in 1880 to form F&C1870-1880 AT p. 94: GG. 52;     90s-$450-E:   Imperial-$650-B-1/90; 


Fairbanks & Cole       Boston: Co. was joined by Day in 1883: F& C split up in 1890; each continued separatly.  1880-1890 GG.p. 52:   RTB p. 37 ff;   Imperial-$750-B-9/94:       Expert-$ ? B-1/90:     90s-$450-E-4/94; orig5str-$400-V-8/94; 


Fairbanks, A.C. Inc.    Boston: the co. after Cole left: Fairbanks sold co. in Ô94 to return to bycycles 1890-1894 GG. P. 52:  F&C imperial-Õ94-$800-G-12/95; 


Fairbanks                    Boston: After Fairbanks leaves, Day runs co.: introduces Whyte Laydie in 1901 and Tubaphone in 1909: bought by C. Nelson of Vega after 1904 fire; 1894-1904

#2 special-$650-B/94

#4 special-$650-B/94:  


  Senator#1- $650-B-1/90

#0 Special Electric-Ô98-$1500-E-4/94

  #2 special-Ô03-$500-G-10/88


   #0 Electric-$1500-B-9/94

Special Electric No.6 Rare $$$-BV-2/95

  Special Electric-$1850-BV-2/95

Imperial Electric-$1800-BV-2/95

 Henderson Special-$1750-BV-2/95

Special Electric#5-$5750-BV-10/98

#4 special-$1250-G-7/99

5-string #.1 ~ special* $365. /ebay/6/00



Fairbanks-Vega orVega-Fairbanks                Boston:  Nelson of Vega bought Fairbanks after 1904  fire: Day stayed on until 1922 then went to Bacon 1904-19??

Style #9-T-Ô23-$950-G;


No 2 Spec-Ô17-$595-E-8/94;  



#2 WL-Õ11-$1850-G-12/95; 






Fairchild, Wayne        Modern builder of open back banjos in 70s 1970s- Ô75-open back-fancy-$1650-BVI-10/95; 


Farland, A. A.             Plainfield NJ:: was teacher and performer; many  banjos by Buckbee until 1897 then by & R&L; have beveled wooden rim: ArtistÕs Grand; Black Beauty: Metal heads on some, his invention, large heads 12 5/8Ó on some  ;1890-1939 $350-V-11/93; 

Concert Grand-$1100-B-12/90;

 ArtistÕs Grand#2-$850-V-8/94;

 Baby Grand-$300-V-8/94;

1910-w/metal head-12 5/8Ó head-$1250-g-11/98;

Artists Grand-Õ10-$2000-G-11/98

Black Beauty,1910 $850-BVI-12/00


Farmer,  W. B.             3 patents beginning in 1903; earliest is used on Orpheum Tenors # 724833  by R&L 


Farris, John (same as Ferris) see below          Hartford  CN   1st Banjo-Mandolin patented in 1885  c.1880s  


Fender                         Founded in 1945 in CA to make guitars: bought out  Salstrom Banjo Co. Oregon Ill. In late 60s; 2 models ÒConcertoneÓ and ÒArtistÓ: lot of  design work on Concertone done by Robbie Robinson: produced the ÒLeoÓ and ÒLeo DeluxeÓ; sold to CBS 1965; 1982 Fender-Japanese models (for Europe and Asia); CBS sold to private investors in 1985, close Fullerton CA plant. Short period all instruments made in Japan then US production resumed in Corona CA. Many  still made in Japan & Korea.  (ÒFender was in the banjo business since about 1967, perhaps slightly later. IÕm not 100% certain, but I believe the Fender Artist was one of the banjos reviewed by Bill Emerson in ÒBluegrass UnlimitedÓ in 1968—one of the high-end Fenders was featured in any case, and BTW Bill thought it a very fine banjo, about the best factory bluegrass banjo being made at the time. Ronnie Stoneman was playing a Fender Artist in 1969-1970, and they were being touted widely at that time as the better alternative to new Gibsons. The Fender ÒLeoÕsÓ were introduced a bit later.  Fender was sold to CBS in    ***1966***    , so there are no Òpre-CBSÓ Fender banjos, whilst there are many now very expensive pre-CBS Stratocasters and Twin-Reverb Amps.  ÒFenders from the late 1960Õs are generally very fine bluegrass banjos, and well worth a look.Ó 1945-1980s; GGVG p. 45 G.  7/29/94:






Long Neck-60s-$300-G-10/88;








Concertone#00386 c. 1960-$1950-BVI-12/00


Fenton, Hershel          NYC  Electric    (Buckbee);c. 1890 


Ferguson, E.H             Rochester, NY; c. 1900. One piece recently for sale at $500/7/99.

1890s high grade model $650-BVI-12/00


Ferguson, Ren             LA;c. 1970s 


Ferris, J                        Hartford CT. Banjos marked E & F Tenor Banjay*. 1880s 5 string-1880s-$450-BV-10/95; JOHN FARRIS: Instrument maker and dealer in Hartford, CT circa 1880-1900. In1885 he
was issued a patent for the first banjo mandolin which he sold under the
Diamond brand
name. Farris also made something he called the Banjay, and many odd-sized


FF Professional           Bacon Mfg. Co FF Professional . ca. 1915. Made in Forest Dale Vt. 11 inch rim with internal   resonator; all maple neck and rim; fingerboard has fancy inlay; Professionally replaced; peghead overlay   with original small torch inlay VG HSC $1500 


Fischer, Carl                NYC 1927; mando banjos and ? w/It has a birdseye maple rim and a maple neck. There is a ornamental pearl inlay on the peghead and pearl fret markers. 


Flatiron                       Established by Bruce Weber in Bozeman MT. Made mandolins; acquired by Gibson in 1987;  Moved by Gibson to Nashville in 1997. In 1980Õs; GGVG p.73;   




Florence, Geo. W        Òone fretless example knownÓ; c. 1880 


Florintine                    Gibson model: Flathead tone ring, two-piece  tube & plate flange: tail\ piece engraved Bella Voce  ?1927-1937 &1969-pres








Folk Model                 long neck by Bacon #64136-"60s-$375-BV-1/00 


Folklore                      long neck model by Vega;  introduced in 1959; The folklore was essentially a long neck version of the len  without a resonator. Ô63-$600-G  1/94;  $500-Ô65-G-8/90;  $375-B-4/87;   $700 plus dollars ebay-2002


Folk Ranger  (FR 5)    model  by Vega:  ÒFolk RangerÓ  standard neck, open back; intro: 1959






Folk Wonder                   model by Vega: intro 1959  FW5 


Foote, J. Howard         NYC;  made ÒMatchlessÓ, probably really made by Buckbee: quite a few examples in Smithsonian collection all fretless and dated c. 1882 Used many Cubley parts. 1880s-1890s 


Framus                        Germany  modern: top tensions


used $300-PS-Õ96;

67-folk banjo-$550-MP2/99



Franciscan                                     made in far East: mastertone type copnstruction $250-E-11/90; 


French, J.                     Clevland:  RG Allen Standard fretless; some with metal fingerboards; 1870; Cohen-Mug.          Allen Standard-1885-$1000-G-8/90;   Presentation-metal fboard-$750-B-4/87; 


FW 5                            Vega model; ÒFolk WonderÓ  standard neck; intro: 1959 $400-B-7/97  >G.  G & R                                   made in Japan 


Gagliano                            Made in Orient  $175-used-e-4/99 


Gariepy                       Cal. Made some flush fret banjos; Somehow connected with Liberty(?) successor to Van Eps ?all metal rim tenors as well ;1960s-? VII-60Õs-flush fret-BV-$1550-2/96; T-60s-$275-BV-10/98 


Gatcomb                     Boston: began banjos in 1875: associated with banjoist Lansing in 1880; music journal; Models ÒStudent, Amateur, Standard, Lansing, Special, PeerlessÓ. Used ShattuckÕs Little Germ neck adjustor; Made Robinson Banjo beginning in 1891 w/ 3 models, nos. 30, 35, 75 with all-metal rims and separte scalloped tone ring held in place by pressure of tension hoop.: SS:#5339-C.1890s;  1875-1895; AT.p. 94;    RTB p. 44-45;

Standard#20-$550-B- 9/94;  







Gaynor                                model by Gretch 


Geggan, T. & Bro        made the Columbia. 


Geib                            of Chicago. 


Gerke, Wm                  Providence, RI c. 1888 


GHW Banjos               Talent Or.  Made Òmountain banjosÓ fretted and non-fretted, bluegrass and old-time copies; 1970s-? 


Gibson Mandolin-Guitar Mfg Co.                Kalamazoo: First made banjos in 1918 with the trap-door models 1-5: 1921 saw truss rods; 1925 saw ball-bearing and spring tone ring with resonators , two piece flange and massive 3/4 inch rims until 1929.,also Mastertone introduced; The period of 1927 and 28 is where we usually find most of the solid rings, i.e. no holes; influenced by Paramount; tube-and-plate flange, and modern resonator in 1925.   1902-1923 


Trap Door                   models #1 to #5 intro 1918; The trap door banjos were offered in the early twenties and was discontinued in about 1924. The Mastertone as we know it came in 1925. Most of the trap door models were low end instruments, however they performed well for that period. The few original 5-strings  have necks that are  skinny and a fingerboard extension.. They come in two basic configurations, exclusive of ornamentation; with a tube tone ring and various combinations of ball-bearings and springs , and with a simple wood rim. The non-tone ring variety are quieter the great Buell Kazee used one to good effect on all of his records.  Prior to introducing the trapdoor series in 1922, Gibson produced a line of banjos with bolts through the rim, dowelstick and a guitar-looking peghead.




#4-wo trap-Ô18-$400-G-10/88;


TB                                Gibson: open back, raised head: later became the TB  4 ;introduced 1918 


TB 0                                   Gibson18 fret with diamond hole-flange; c. 1928 T-30s-$350-E-8/90;      T-28-$350-V-4/91;   T-Ô28-$275-G-7/89; 


TB-00                           Cheapist banjo; 19 fret tenor single piece cast flange c. 1930s $1000-G;   T-Ô30s-$400-G-5/6/87; T-30Õs-$450-BV-10/98 


TB 1                Gibson Tenor open back  one piece flange, flat head-5/8 shell, 4 lug resonator; 18 fret neck; 11Ó head  diamond hole flange; intro: 1925 $350-500-G/94;  








orig 5string-Õ35- $3500-P-3/95;




TB 2                Gibson: called the Melody; intro: 1925-1937; walnut resonator one piece flange. Brass hoop tone ring






TB 3                Gibson model some with ball baring, some w/ Mastertones from here on up. Some with no hole  raised head tone ring, or Mastertone. 2 piece flanges. The 1931 orig 5 had fiddle peg-head, 2 piece flange, 40 hole raised ring.: 1927 Tenor had 18 frets mahagony construcrion; rare no hole archtop tonering;intro 1925-37 & new T-$350-G; 

w/ Mastertone-T-$1400-G:




RB- New-$1925-G:  

Õ28 conversion-$2200-E-4/99














orig 5-Õ31-$10000-G-12/95;


GB 3-Õ29-$2250-G-5/96;




TB 4                Gibson: model used by Jenkins: intoduced in 1923: originally the resonator was pyralin (plastic) later mahogany. In 1929 the resonator was changed to walnut and hard-ware was chrome plated; inlay changed from hearts and flowers to flying eagle; has one piece flange, ball bearing flat head, 5/8Ó thick shell , double cut peghead; resewood fretboard: very rare banjo: more Stradaveri then RB 4 flat heads ; intro 1925-1937; also 40 hole archtop tone ring models. G. Gruhn, Frets, March 1988;    





Custom TB 4-Õ28-gp-$3850-G-5/96;





TB 5           Gibson:  fiddle peg head; ball bearing tone rim:; some with pearloid bodies; walnut neck and resonator; wreath inlay in deluxe; gold plated;   introduced in 1925-1928 & new MB-$1000-B-11/89;             T-Ô25-Mstrt-$2500-G-10/88; New-$4625-G-12/95; T-deluxe-26-$3750-G-10/98


TB 6                Gibson model:  40 hole :  raised heads; arm rest activated mute; some w/ gold sparkle trim; 1927-1937 and new






1930-T & P necks-$5750-G-12/95;




TB 7                Gibson tenor; new 5 str have top tension slotted bowtie inlays: top-tension introduced 1937; 1938- ? & new new-top tension bowtie-$1850-G-12/95; 30Õs repro-new ring-$1850-BV-10/98 


TB 11              Gibson: identical to Kel Kroyden & the SS Stewarts made by Gibson in 30s. One piece flange, pearloid fingerboard  ;peghead veneer & resonator. ÒOld BlueÓ

T-30s-$800-G  4/94; 





1938-orig. 5 string-$3000-E-4/99

T-30s-$1350-ebay -2/00



TB 12              Gibson tenor: top tension 1938- 30s-repro-topten-$8000-G-7/89; 


TB 18              toptension 1937- 


RB 75             low priced Mastertone,  arch top or 20 hole flat head, 1 piece flange: New 90Ós J.D. Crowe model, with Mahagony resonator: intro 1938 epro-Õ38-$2250-G-3/95; 


TB 100            Bracket shoes: one piece flange with diamond cutouts: silkscreened ÒThe GibsonÓ in headstock.; hoop style flat head tone ring. Fiddle style peg heads: resonator banjo, not a Mastertone, mahogany neck, maple resonator; 1950s—new















T-Õ65-$650-PS 2/99

Gibson RB100 Banjo  /$601.00/ebay 6/00


TB 150            less fancy 250; unbound peg head;1950s






TB 170            open back, normal neck: the RB-170, which was an open-back Gibson banjo with a normal-length neck.  Like the RB-100, all had Honduras mahogany necks, rosewood fingerboards, dot inlays, and black-lacquered  bowtie pegheads. The '170 was introduced in 1960, and didn't change until 1970 when the peghead was changed to the fiddle shape (the model was discontinued in 1973). with both the large ("flathead") and small ("archtop") brass-rod tonerings, similar to the RB-100s.1950s: simple brass ring £350-Banjoists Broad #116/89;   #105202-60s-$650-BV-10/99 


RB 175           long neck; 11Óhead; brass tone ring or no tone ring:  The RB-175 is sort of like an RB-100 with an extended neck, no tone ring > (well, there is this little round tube), very plain, dot inlays on the fret > board, only the word ÒGibsonÓ inlayed in the peghead, no resonator. Ong-neck open back banjo, not a Mastertone, mahogany neck; 1960s




$425-E  2/94;   




Ô63-$600-G 12/98




$575.00 ebay/6/00


RB 180           long neck, mastertone ring: fancier 175 a RB-175 with a20 hole  flathead Mastertone tone ring,long neck open back banjo, an RB-175 with a Mastertone tone ring;1960s








RB 250           Introduced in 1954






















RB-350           350+ was a Bicentennial banjo, a standard 1976 RB-250 with an eagle done in marquetry, not carved  in the resonator.    


RB 500           1960s



 RB 800                        Wreath inlays : 1960s-1980s;  The RB-800 was an attempt by Gibson to come out with a modern version of   the Granada. I had one of these instruments, and it suffered from poor   construction and bad materials. The necks were too   thick and clumsy and the sound was really poor. The only Gibson banjo of that era that featured ÒcurlyÓ  maple was the 800 series, the post-war Granada-esque effort.










Giraffe Banjorette       small banjo by SS Stewart 


Glee Club                   tenor model by Bruno 


Glenn, Clifford           modern maker of fretless banjos; in general these are identical to Frank ProffittÕs banjos1960s Fretless-Ô68-$500-G-3/95; 


Glenn, Leonard          modern maker in Sugar Grove NC 


Global       Cheap aluminum rim with built in flange, block inlays, mahagony neck $80-E-12/94 


Globe Music Co         St. Charles; c. 1926  


Gold Mogul                     model by Ome:  P-1980s-$3995-BVI-12/00;


Gold Star                    made in Japan by Tokai;  imported by Saga;modern






Golden Cross              model made by Stelling: $2375-ebay-2/00 


Golden Bell                     Model by Richelieu T-$1600-E-4/99 


Golden Eagle                  Model by Richelieu: P-$3000-E-4/99 


Golden Era                 model by Deering:   1998-$1500-ebay-11/99 1990a-$1501-ebay-12/99 


Goodman, A               English teacher in 1920s: could be made by others 


Goose Acres                Banjos by Pete Smakula of Cleveland OH : most fretless: some made by Kevin Enoch: Doc WatsonÕs banjos modern; A most intriguing factoid about Goose Acres banjos is that their higher gradepot, used on their Classic and Elite models, is essentially a full spun Electric pot such as was made 100 years ago by Fairbanks.  Fretless-Ô89-$600-G-7/29/94;


 Goose Nest Praire Banjos            RR#1, Lerna Ill 62440; hand made banjos;1970s 


Gordon     (Progressive Music Co., Bacon & Day)É   


Gordon, Hamilton S.                   NYC;   made the  Converse Banjo: Converse was a performer 1895 


Gosch, Frank              Phil. PA c. 1880 


Goya                           US;     Makes the Masterpiece; pres. $385-E  1/94 90s-$400-MP2/99 


Granada                           Gibson model; two piece flange, no hole solid arch top tone ringsome with 2 piece flange 40 hole arch top; ball bearing; 1927-1937 & New






Õ25 ball bearing-repro-$4235-MB-1/99;




Grand Columbine      model by Ome gold plated  


Grand Concert            model by Bacon 


Grand Solo                 banjo made by Henning 


Great Lakes                 US banjo by Mark Grube; 1342 N. Main St., Ann Arbor Mich 48104; 1960-1980s Vanguard-Ô70s-$575-E-12/94; 


Grecian                       fancy model of Epiphone Recording banjo with gold plate and grecian theme inlays on resonator;; 1920s P-20s-$2500-G;                     P-$2500-B-1/90; 


Green, H                     walnut neck, 7 string, 6 on peg head plus 5th; light spun over rim; one example seen 


Greenop                      English; performer about 1900; early ones made by Dallas: ÒTonetubeÓ type of banjo, cross b/w zither and regular with a lot of metal; 


Gremlin                      modern banjos made in Korea 


Gretsch, Fred              Brooklyn, made banjos in 1910; the  Gaynor, Rex Orchestrella( had metal rim) Tenor : bought B&D in 1939/40; continued to build B&Ds in 40s and 50s; continued to make a Bacon banjo until 1970: sold out to Baldwin (who had Ode) in 1967; incorporated Sho-Bud of Nashville; Gretsch-Baldwin  Bought Kustom in 1978; Gretsch was sold to Charlie Roy in C. 1979-80; In 1985 was acquired by a member of Gretsch family who brought out a line of Japanese made Gretschs; 1870-1970s AT. P. 16;   RTB p. 29;                    


Orchestrella-T-30s-$150-E  12/93; 

Gretsch-Ode Style D-Ô70s-$1400-G-9/94:

Bacon long neck-Õ60s-$350-G-12/95;

B&D Senorita-1960 orih 5-$495-BVI-12/00



Gretch Sho-bud          made in Japan ; 1970s-1980s




Grey,  John & Sons                      London: no real Grey; wholesale company founded by Jacob Solomon c. 1860,  made for them by usual; by 1911 had their own make ÒGrey & Sons Ltd, DulcettaÓ until WWII: 1960, inexpensive banjos labeled ÒJohn GreyÓ; In 1967 ceased to use name, now inexpensive banjos marked ÒR.M.Ó; early 1960-present

Clifton-P-£395-BB #116/89;



The Douglas-£400-HG-94;


Grimshaw, Emile & Son              London banjo maker used to be with Essex: on his own in 1933: Blake of London made his banjos marked: ÒE.G.Ó and ÒHartfordÓ after 33 they wre made by Houghton ÒVivavoxÓ died 1947: Company started again in 1965 1933-1947;  1965-?


 Grubstake                                    banjo made by Ome in 1970Õs 


GTR                            banjo now  made in Japan but designed by  George Gruhn, Tut Taylor, Randy Wood, hence GTR: started in Nashville in 1970  ?;1970Õs



new $500-5/87;


 Guckert                      NYC; Guckert Duplex Tone Ring




Hall, Emory M.           Chicago   made by Schall; 1875-1903; Cohen-Mug. Fretless-12Óhead-1880-$1000-G-4/99 


Hammig, Ernst            NY: one example in Smithsonian dated last half 19th c.; fretless 30 bracks. 1885 


Hanning                     NYC. 1860-1890 


Hanson, C.F. & Co     Worcester; c. 1880-1940s ?? 


Hardy                          English maker: one example seen, unfreetted about 1880 


Harmon, Tedra            Modern Sugar Hill NC; mountain style, walnut neck,horse hide head.  $500 


Harmony                     Chicago ILL: made a cast plastic rim or Bakelite with 17 brackets : as well as 100s of other regular cheap models ;1903-pres; Sandberg, p. 77.  Bakelite-$75-E- 11/90;  Roy Smeck-Ô50s-$200-G-9/94; 


Hart Banjos, by Hart Music Co.   San Diego, CA;  fibreglass rim; Neck of laminated rosewood, fiberglass & steel. Made long-neck and short neck with and without resonators; There were 4 grades    c. 1960; BN-10/77;  Prices of  new instruments in 1960 were from $69.50 –Grade !;  $149.50-Grade 2; $249.50 Grade 3 and $410.00. for Grade 4. 


Hartnett                      10 3/4Ó head heel carving;c. 1900 $550-BV-2/95; 


Harwood                     Cohen-Mug. 


Hawkes                       English banjo during dance era of 1920s. banjos made for them by Abbott; incorporated w/ Boosey in 1930 5 str-£230-BB 3/88; 


Haynes, John C.          Boston; he was at first with Ditson; earliest Haynes in 1880s was the  ÒExcelsiorÓ; also made some of H.C. Dobson ÒSilver Bell PatentÓ banjos. By 1890s his banjos carried Bay State brand name. 18 models of Bay State including Piccolos & Banjeaurines.  Most expensive standard was No 354. Made some presentation models nos. 363 & 366, one of most ornate in 1890s. Made ÒThe Lewis BanjoÓwith all metal rim and a flange made in one piece with the rim: 3 models 1,2 &3; Haynes worked for Oliver Ditson from 1845 until 1907. He became president of Ditson co. in 1888  ;1882-1897 AT. P. 94  RTB p. 45-47:       John C. Haynes Co. in Mugwumps ?:    


Heirloom                     model by Wilwood:   $950-used $1174-ebay-11/99 


Henderson                                    Cheap British Zither banjo; he was teacher and composer 1879-1900s £90-HG-94; 


Hendricks                         California luthier-1980s #24-$1650-BVI-12/00


Henning, J. E.             Chicago;  made Grand Solo;1880-1900; Cohen-Mug.  $450-rare-B-10/90; 


Henshaw                     English maker of 7 string 1870s-?  


Here Mountain           Moden, fretted and fretless cheap banjos E-Cat 93A-2-$190-200;  Cat 94 A-$219-239-E; 


Hero             Dobson type banjo with frets and fancy inlay; ÒHeroÓ inlaid at frailing wellÕ  ???? ebay 


Hewett                        English: made the Hewett Patent banjo:  made by Stainer Manufacturing co., which was his own company., some regular banjos made for him by Windsor 


Hicks, Nathan            Beech Mt, NC c. 1938 


Hicks, Stanley            modern Vilas NC  mountain style walnut fretless banjos selling for about $550 


Hill, J.G                      Phila, PA c. 1892 


Hoffman Banjo Co.     NYC 1885 


Hoffman, Geo. H        San Francisco, CA 1887-1905 


Hohner                        aluminum rim with separate flange: made in Germany model=Contessa:also made a wood rim $225-E-12/94; 


Holcomb, J. R.            Cleveland;  Empress 1888 



Hollander                   model by Leedy: top tension, brass parts, inferior sound1920s 


Holophonic                modern model made by Newman and played by Mike Seeger 


Holtzapfel                   Baltimore instrument maker who made some banjos, guitars (12 strings) violins etc; One Banjo-mandolin seen to date, marked ÒHolzapfel & Beitel, Balto. MD.Ó : Was located in the 200 block of Fayette Str::.; 1898-1988 Mand-Banjo-$50-10/98. 


Hondo                         made in Korea $70-100:  S/95 


Horenstein & Sons     NYC:    Luxor c. 1926 


Hoseus, H.                  c. 1886 


Houdlett, Albert. & Sons             Brooklyn, NY, Drum maker and banjo maker..Lynbrook, Nu-Art, Nu-Way; 1865-1930 


Houghton                   English: one of the bigest: Reliance Works established in 1888: marked ÒRelianceÓ; well made inexpensive: made lots for others: ÒMelody JoÓ; 1888-1962 


Hovey, W.P                 Concert-? 


Howard (Wurlitzer)    Cincinatti;   (Gretsch); 1917-1930; Made the Dixie Favorite. T-20s-$195-E 2/94 


Howarth & Kelly        Providence, RI:  Òmade the popular tailpiece used by A. C. Fairbanks. No known examples exist of this firmÕs banjosÓ: 1880-1890 


Howe, A.O. & E. C.    Chicago Ill. 


Howe, Elias                Boston  made Academy (cheap models), Superbo (more expensive: 13 models): bought out Barnes in 1898; Banjos seem to have been made for him by others.  1840-1920Õs 


Hoyer                          Modern German made banjos, one of which had an aluminum pot with a flat back resonator and holes in the sides of the pot for the sound. Bought out by Framus ?? T-$250-ebay-2/00 


Hughes                               Tenors with fancy engraved pearl inly on peghead & fingerboard, carved heel, 12Ó head, open back 18 fret: $600-G-10/99:   


Hunt                           English zither banjo maker or player 1 example 


Hunter, J.F                                    Brooklyn, NY.(Morrison). C. 1885 


Hutchins, C.W            Springfield, MA:  Òfew examples known, but similar to low-grade Fairbanks & Cole Banjos.Ó; c. 1885 RTB p.54; $550-Mugwumps-ebay-11/98 >I. 


Ibanez       import ?    model ÒArtistÓ;1980s



Artist-vine inlat-$625-E-4/94;




Ideal                                     ÒThe Windsor Ideal Model 8Ó English 5-string banjo circa 1900, in very good to excellent condition. Walnut neck with ebony fingerboard, snowflake and dot inlays on fingerboard, rosewood integral resonator, 5th string exits through hole in fingerboard,  slotted headstock w/6 tuners, skin head, all original except bridge. This classic English zither-style banjo plays and sounds just great! 


Iida                                       imports: Japan made;





Imperial, The              model by A. C. Fairbanks: 1880Õs 12Órim-$895-BV-10/99 


Imperial Banjeaurine                    model by SS Stewart 


Imperial Banjo Co.     Blanchard OK; by Ty Piper: had model called ÒShenandoahÓ:  top tension models; old address: 2527 SW 59th st. Oklahoma City OK 73119; 1970s-?





Imperial Co.                Cincinnatti 1890: some instruments made by Schall: some possibly made by L&HÓ- spun rim


Imperial Banjeaurine 1890s-$850-G-7/99;



Imperial Electric            wood rim with scalloped Whyte Laydie tonering; bound mahogany neck with 26 inch    scale, small torch inlay in peghead;


'22-vega Fairbanks-$1550-E-1/00



Improved Eureka Banjo               English made by Shepard; 1880-1912 


Improved Mystic        banjo   made by Lyon & Healy 


Isbell, Harry.J.                              St. Louis, MO banjo maker from circa 1894. He was issued a banjo patent in 1897 and a mandolin patent in 1904,. 


Iucci, M.                      Maspeth NY: made 2 models, Sinfonico & Baby Grand: had built in tone rings; c. 1917 (pat.) banjos 1920s-1930s 


Ivanhoe                       model by Deering 




Jacklin, W                   Chicago, IL; c. 1890 


Jacobs, Dave               NYC:       (Luban L. Lewis); 1850-1885  


Jacobs, E. Lowell        Newark, DE: fretless modern, and freted open back models; works out of his home as ÒhobbyÓ; Modern $275-E-11/90; 


Jacobs, R.                    c.1855 


J.D. Crowe                                                Model by Gibson RB75                               Model by Rich & Taylor;  '95-$1600-E-1/00 


Jedson                         British ?: tenors T-£525-HB-94; 


Jersey Belle                 Cheap, little wonder style tone ring, plectrum banjo: Banjo-L $350-400 


Jetel           English-trade make of Thibouville-Lamy Co.; Paris company estab in 1790: made all kinds of instruments brass etc;opend in london in 1880 started banjos: Banjos were made for them by Temlett and Wilmslow 


JGS     banjo,              made by Schroeder 


Jones                           English maker 


Junior                          open back: 20 fret-3 on extension, snake head peghead: Gibson RB-Jr. sn. 11051A-5. Ca. 1923. Gibsons simplest banjo; with all black finish, snakehead peghead, 10-1/2 wooden rim, 26-1/4 scale neck; an   open back 5 string which is perfect for classical or old timey style playing EX SSC $1050; 

RB Junior-Ô24-$900-G-12/95;








Juniper Deluxe               New model by Ome. 12Ó head, open back, no tone ring; $1080          




Kalamazoo                  in-house budget brand by Gibson; bracket shoes and flat back resonator; thick rim with large tubular tonering;   1937-1942 & 1965-70 GGVG p. 168;         








Kalenda Banze            Mississippi- Pete Ross of MD. Took over after Scott DidlakeÕs death in 1994. Makes gourd banjos; 1994 


Karnolt, Wm               NYC c. 1880 


Kasuga      5 string copies- Japanese? £600-BB-10/87  Kay          Started out as the Groeschel Co. in 1890 making mandolins; name changed to Stromberg-Voisenet Co. in 1918; bought by Henry Kay Kuhrmeyer  1928; changed name to Kay Instruments in 1931; Sold to a group (from harmony)  in 1955; Bought by Seeburg Co in 1955; some of the 50s tenor models * had a deep resonator similar to Vegavox; sold to Robert Engelhardt who owned Valco: shortly after went out of business; name sold to a import instrument dealer. ( Kay made basses from 1937 to 1970);  1931-1967

  GGVG p.177, 221.






Non Parrell-50s-$100-12/98


Deluxe w/eagle-$232-ebay-11/99




                  ;banjos made in far east some having aluminum rim with built in flange.  1959 (?)-  


Kay Krafter-                mop peg head with unique shape. Wreath painted on back of resonator  


Kel  Kroyden              made by Gibson: budget brand with fancy pearloid on peg and fingerboard: 2 models were available. Early 1930s GGVG p. 173. 







Kemp                          English: inventor of Gong Banjo in 1884 


Kenmore                          Plectrum model by Ludwig: Ludwig Kenmore . ca. 1920s. good, mid-range plectrum banjo; top tension design no pot metal parts 

$450-BV-12/98;                     $550-20s-BVI-12/00; 


Kennedy   modern banjos made by ex-Gibson employee $750-G-7/89; 


Kent                                     cheap import 


Kerwood                     Tenor 20s or 30s ??? by Gibson for Mont. Ward ? 


Keystone State            banjo made by Weyman 1900- 


Kibbe, C.O                 Hartford, CT; c. 1880 


Kilbourne,  Wm.         Albany 1885 


Kildare                        modern banjos made in Ireland 


Kimberly                     5 string – Òolder US madeÓ $225-W-9/95; 


King Banjos                1970s-? 


Kingston                     model by Ludwig







Knots                                   tenor banjo??


Knowles, Dan                      Moderm Minstrel Banjo  builder:  no 000093, it has a 14 and one half inch pot with a fine deep sound, long scale maple neck and set up ready to play with nylon strings, fine craftmanship.   


Kraske, V.  & Co.        Chicago; hollow-laminated rim early 1900Õs Cohen-Mug. & Mike Seeger                    1900-repro-$195-E  1/94 


Kunow                                Tenor, m-o-ts on fret board 1920s or 30s;  24 bracked, resonator $144-ebay-2/00 




La Melodia                 5s Model by Slingerland ;1920s 


La Scala Grande         model by O. Schmidt, (?)  Jersey City  Seems to be rare. Tenor; Wooden rim deeply scalloped and clad with metal; tonering is a tubular archtop: neck highly carved and adorned with pearl inlays; flange has star shaped cut outs: c. 1925


T-Õ25 w/g-rare-BV-$2250-10/98




Lady Stewart              ladies model by SS Stewart: carved ivory tailpiece and celluloid maltese cross tuners. 9 inch spunover rim. Cherry neck with ebony fingerboard, fancy pearl stars, dots and diamonds.






Landers                       NYC; 1860-1890 


Langham                     English maker; 1898-1940: Banjos and Zither Banjos:  made for others; mainly made flat-backed mandolins. 


Lane Banjos                modern US  banjos made  by Mills Lane  in Savannah GA.Lane banjos were made by a guy named Mills Lane in Savannah, Ga.  He was/is a part of the Lane banking family in Georgia, but preferred banjos to finance. ;very small number of instruments were produced.  1970s-?  $500 and up 


Lange, Wm. L.            NYC: Lange banjos started c. 1921 after he left R&L:: brought out the   Paramount in 1921/22; also ÒChallengerÓ  1921-1942?? AT p. 28; GG p. 58  RTB p. 26; 


Lang Craft-T-$225-L-1/95;


Langstile                                       model made by  Lange with Styles #1,2,3,&4. Cheaper than the Orpheum, was made for the beginner. Some made with Supertone name for Sears e.g. ChallengerÉ Langstyle models are somewhat cheaper than Paramount line of banjos. Does not seen to have the ÒpatentedÓ tone chamber.  Prices in 1929: #1- $30; #2-$40; #3-$50: #4-$65.  Intro-1928/29-?

#1 Tenor-Ô10s-$150-E-11/90; 




T-DeLuxe-$680-ebay 2/00



Lanham, Marty           Makes copies 1990Õs Gibson copy-$975-P-12/94; 


Lansing, The               model by Gatcomb- 5 string c. 1890s $750-Ô90-G-7/29/94:   $600*-G-3/95; 


Leader       model by Paramount Ô20s-T-$895-ebay-11/99 


Lee            Colorado banjo maker; 1980s Ô80-$750-P-3/95; 


Leedy        Indianapolis, IN: Drum Maker; started banjos in 1925: bought by Conn Corp. in 1930  and merged with Ludwig to become Leedy & Ludwig. Models ÒSolotoneÓ(A,B,C,&D)  ÒOlympianÓ ÒApolloÓ ÒArcadianÓ & ÒHollanderÓ The Leedy Olympian was one of the lower end Leedy  banjos.  The Leedy company was a drum company founded in 1895.  They began making banjos in 1925 and were eventually bought out by the Conn Instrument company which also bought out Ludwig.  The banjos are not particularly valuable with the exception of the top end  models- The Hollander, The Egyption, The Grecian:   They were top tension models with metal pots; no wooden rims. and had lots of celluloid decorations.  Outside of the garishly decorated Hollander. Egyptian, and Grecian banjos Leedy banjos are not particularly sought after.    1895 –1930 AT. P. 70:   

Solo Tone-20s-$600-G;





Len Shevill Special    English banjos 1920s-1950 made for Shevill by Abbott.  Leo                             model by Fender: mahagony, nickel plate; 20 hole flathead, dot board inlay, fancy peghead






Rare "Custom Concert Tone"  $2225-ebay 2/00




Leo                              by fender

LEO BANJO  $400.00/ebay/6/00


Leo Deluxe                 model by Fender 


Leo Master                                    1930s ? by Lyon and Healy ????? 


Lero                                      Cheap import with aluminum ring 


Levin, H.C.                 NYC 1891-1898 


Leland                         c.1900  


Lenzer, Oscar                   1900's??? "Lady Banjo".  Appears to have a mandolin wood body with oval sound holeIt was made by Oscar Lenzner Sr. Manufacturer & Inventer of 5 string lady's Banjo. In Cass City Michigan. That is what the inside lable says. This Lady's Banjo is 31 inches long, 11 1/2 inches wide, and 3 1/4 inches deep.   


Levin, H.C. Company                                    Born Sweden in 1864, opened factory in 1891 making guitars, banjos and mandolins; closed in 1898, but opened new factory in 1900. Died in 1948  Factory went on to make Goya guitars; in 1970s Levin was bought by C. F. Martin 


Lewis, E.D.                 made the Champion ; spun over rim that had flat-topped and bottomed wood hoop that was not overlapped by the rolled edges at all. $750-B-2/93 


Lewis, Geo. E.  (see Haynes)        ÒThe Lewis BanjoÓ made by Haynes c.1895 


Libby Bros                  .                 Gorham, ME c. 1890; Libby Bros.  5-str, rare maker from Gorham,  ME, all metal pot, $550 B-10/99; 


LIBERTY MUSICAL INSTRUMENT CO: Chicago, IL company founded in 1926 from the

joining of two Boston firms--NOKES & NICOLAI, and JOSEPH PACHECO with the

Liberty Rawhide Company-a major Chicago supplier of banjo and drum heads

from 1920. Contemporary  articles state that Liberty had purchased the

"stock and good will" of the other two companies, and moved the stock in

trade and equipment  to new quarters in Chicago; each man was to have

responsibility for his own end of the business, while John W. Placko,

president of Liberty,  was to supervise the manufacture of the drum and

banjos heads. Within a year the new company had failed and was sold at

auction, in  August, 1927; since the factory and most of the machinery were

new, there  was great competition for the assets, which were finally

purchased by SLINGERLAND.


Liberty Banjo Co.       Models-Promenade; The Liberty Banjo Company catalog of 1979 shows 5 different grades of banjo: the Cotillion, the Promenade, The Quadrille, the Buckdancer and the Backstep.  The Backstep was the one with the neck bolted directly to the pot.  It was described as the beginnerÕs basic foundation instrument and listed on their 1985 price list at $600 supplied with resonator, geared tuners, armrest and flange. Founded in June 1968 by Bob Flesher, Paul Morrissey and Robert Durham; 1968- Promenade-$1750-B-4/90; 


Lida                             made in US: a 6  string model with extra G string (bass). Body similar to Mastertone ;1970 s G. 7/29/94   $450: G-$350-12.95; 


Lion Mfg. Co.             Rock Rapids Iowa;1895 


Little Wonder,            Banjo model made by SS Stewart (Piccolo):  


Little Wonder             Vega model; Seem to have heads in 11 13/16Ó & 10 1/8Ó (MB); Some Tenors with engraved individual flanges, pie section reson.. tone ring of spun nickel silver




Ô30-no 2-$750-L-1/95;














Locke, C.S ?  Lohr, E.                    NYC c. 1870; 5-string banjo, excellent condition, 32 inches long, 18 frets, made by T. Lohr in 1870's, mahoghany:  


Long, C.G.                                    Selma, AL; c. 1870-1908  


Longmore                          Seven-String English Fretless, scroll peghead. $875-B-10/99 


Lotus                           made in Orient : wood grained metal rim; modern  $225-E-4/94; 


Lubley                                c. late 1870s -1880s fretless open-back, 10" diameter head, nsn, vg, ;features many hallmarks of manufacture common at that time, plus some unusual substantial walnut neck has a lovely detail carved into the base side just ahead of the fifth string peg,  and the neck heel is the characteristic sweeping curve, terminating at the body with a space carved in for clearance for the flesh hoop. The brackets are unusual in that they are bent into a double curve to make up the distance from the bracket shoe to the stretcher band and the nuts securing them are circular with screwdriver blade notches rather than hexagonal tightening surfaces. This attractive antique has an inlaid rosette on its fingerboard about an inch above the body and a matching one on its  headstock.  Fret position markers are purfling  inlaid, crossways across the fingerboard.  **$670-MB-9/99 


Ludwig & Ludwig     Chicago: Founded in 1907 as Drum Co.: banjos 1924: top tension range in 1927: 1930 bought by Conn. & merged with Leedy;  tenors & Plectrum models  had different names: Capitol(T) & Riviera(P), Bellvue(T) & Stratford(P),  Ambassador(T) & Commodore(P) and special Art Models-Oriental, Luixor, Torreador, Corsican all intoduced in 1925. The Corte(T) & Castle(P), Standard Art, Big Chief, Black Hawk introduced in 1927; Ace in 1928, Silver Flash & the Ace Deluxe in 1931; disappeared by 1933. All had built in tone-ring. Stratford had top tension, walnut resonator, gold and black chrome parts, fancy. Kenmore was also plectrum and top tension.; 1920-1931 AT p. 66         GG. P. 117;



Commodor deluxe-P-20s-w/g-$650-G-12/95;






Lund         English teacher: his banjos probably made by Windsor 


Luscomb, J.F.              Boston:  made by Thompson & Odell: they also had an all metal rim model; 11-5/8 inch nickel silver rim with wooden tonering; mahogany neck with ebony fingerboard; also 10 1/8Ó with wooden tone ring; 1880s-1920 AT. P. 94; 


all metal-$440-B;    






rare size-10 1/8"-$450-BV-9/94;

10" pot-$400-L-1/95; 


'90-11 5/8-$450-wood tone ring-BV-1/00




Luxor                           model by Ludwig 


Lyle                             very cheap beginners banjo   Brooklyn NY


Lynbrook                          model by Houdlett of NY 


Lyon & Healy             Chicago:  made the Washburn: Mystic as well as own brand; 1864-1928; sold stringed instrment making to J. R. Stewart of Chicago and that same year sold wholesale division to Tonk Bros.; In 1930 because of depression Stewart went into bankruptcy and Tonk bought all at auction then sold some to Regal ; AT. P. 70, 94;      



$750-'90s-G-2/95 & 96;

Presentation Grade-fancy inlay-$3295-MB-1/99;



1890s-5strw/eagle brackets-$405-ebay-2/00



Lyric          made by Schmick T-'40-$300-G:                RB-$600-rare-B  11/93 


Lyric          made by Bacon-tenor ; 20s-30s








Madison                      Birmingham England  one mention of a MB model III 


Mager, J                      Baltimore, MD? 


Magnet                        Banjo within a banjo: 10 1/2" diameter head within which is suspended another  7 3/4" body with head. C. 1910 $175-G-8/90:   $200-G-8/89; 


Magnum                            aluminum rim with built-in flange, hexagonal inlays in bound fretboard  .$235.-e-9/99 


Majestic                      tenors by Rettberg after Lange left; models-DeLuxe Masterpiece, also: SS Stewart (in 20s; 1920s $450-G-'20s- 7/94;  SS Stewart-T-20s-$600-G-12/95; 


Mango  Manhattan                       5 string made by R & L around 1920: One of R&Ls many incarnations; c. 1920 $225-E-'87; 


Maple  Nexter             model by Nechville; green $3726-MB-1/99; 


Maple Blossom               model by Deering Ô86-$1450-MP2/99 


Marathon                           cheap aluminum? Import 


Marathon Synchrotone                US made, maybe by Kay or Harmony 


Marcia                                 inexpensive US made?  Model 


Marimbaphone           1920s model by Stromberg with cuppertone tone ring: Marimbaphone sn. 1000. Ca. 1920s. made by Charles A. Stromberg and Son,      Boston, MA, grain painted maple neck in the Vega style, fancy engraved inlays in peghead      and fboard, round hole flange and full resonator w


ith large patented Marimba tone ring,  VG SSC $1950-G-12/98; T-1920s-$1500-BV-10/99  Markendale       modern, cheap English banjo 


Marlin                                 5 string ? 


Marquette                         brand name used by L & H 1900Õs 


Marsters, C.G              Brooklyn, NY; c. 1890 


Martin Bros                 NYC.:   By Dobson Patent; c. 1863 


Martin, C. F.               Nazareth Pa.: made only 1 model of tenor banjo "Style 1" with Grover internal "hub-cap resonator"; Only about 96 ever sold: Martin bought Vega Co of Boston  in 1960s. See Vega 1923-1926 


Martin, Fred                Boston:  Buckbee, Fairbanks; 1910 


Masterflower               model by Stelling 


Masterpiece Deluxe     import model carved heel, maple gold plated 90s-$850-MP2/99 


Masterpiece                      model by Goya 90s-$400-MP2/99 


Matchless                    banjo made by Foote for Buckbee ?                                 model by Dobson with 10 3/4" head diameter, 25 1/2" scale,  ebay model= The banjo is about 34 1/4" long; the neck is about 23"; and the face has a diameter of    about 11 1/4". The dots and little floral designs on the frets look to be mother-of-pearl.marked on dowel: MATCHLESS GEBRAUCHSMUSTER MADE IN GERMANY: early 1900s: PATD MAR 6, 1894.': probably made by Buckbee or Dobson.





Mather, Fred               NYC:   (Buckbee ??) one example in Smithsonian dated 1860 fretless 20 bracks. Maker of minstrel banjos, 3 of which have survived: fretless, gut strings, 12" head: 1840s-1860 Cohen-Mug.             Smith-list:    see notes to Flesher's tapes 


Matthews, Geo.          English; made zither banjos for others like Ball Beavon, Rose brothers, Morris & Co. etc. 1880- $195-E-'87; 


Maxitone                           Looks to be a 40s or 50s cheap mail order 14 bracket tenor; and Uke banjos by Bruno Ban-Uke-$33-ebay-1/00 


Maya                                    cheap import 


May Bell                     banjo made by Slingerland; Slingerland Maybell Plectrum. Ca. 1920s. Mahogany  neck, rim & resonator. Rim has elaborate tone  ring. VG $375-BV-12/98: Style B on head stock: Florintine like pattern on back of resonator.


Deluxe Tenor-20s-$1500:


Model B-P-$575-B-1/90;



Style BV-T-20Õs-$375-MP2/99



Style B-T-$200-ebay-2/00

T-Fancy inlay on res-$250-/00




Maybell Queen          1920s





Mayfair                               Epiphone T-models 20s and 30s $330-ebay-11/99 


Mayfair Superb          Epiphone model: Mayfair . ca. 1930s. a 19 fret student Tenor banjo with mahog. Neck and resonator, rim has arch top tonering, the peghead is pearloid engraved and painted with the Epiphone banner,

$475-BV-12/98 c. 1930s






Mayflower                                    Model of banjos by Stromberg-Voisenet Co. (see Kay) 1920s-31  May Flower, a banjo line actually named for Chicago

> manufacturer, Harry J. Flower's daughter, May, but later contracted to

> Mayflower. This is for real. GGVG p. 221

Chicago 1890s $295 w/full resonator-BVI-12/00


 Mayse, John               Surry County, NC: one example in Smithsonian:homemade; fretless; 8 bracks.; 1900-1910 


May, Jerome                c. 1891: ? English ? 6 string banjo: The rim is a scalloped piece of metal, inside included. The brackets are very unusual. The bracket also contains an outside shoe which attaches to the shoe   mounted to the rim. The structure of the shoes and brackets are also very unusual. 


MB 1                                 Madolin-Banjo by Gibson -20s 30-$350-G  1/94 


MB  3                           Mandolin-Banjo by Gibson $600-G 


McCord, Hercules       St Louis: often used scroll head and tunneled the 5th string 1855-1890 Cohen-Mug. 


Mc Gouen, Steve        Mass. Banjo maker, some with fiber-material resonators. 1970s- 


Mead, Terry                      Banjeaurine handcrafted in USA: $545 


Medalist Silverbell      model by B&D, 30s, perloid bound shell, etched and painted inlays, knee mute. T-30s-$1100-MP2/99 


Melanson, J. E.               Modern Copies of B&D, handcrafted in California Silver Bell copy-$2500-E-4/99 


Melody Jo                   English brand by Houghton 


Melody King              Melody King banjos with the tree of life inlay andcarved heel. Made by Slingerland or Kay.  1930s: ;M-o-Toilet seat fretboard, carved heel and inlaid rim and resonator. The Melody King model was a bottom end professional level model which sold for $135 in the late 20Õs--$5 more than a Paramount A.    P-$150-E-'87:  T-30s-$550-P-12/94; $550-ebay-2/00 


Merlin                         Chicago Ill.  Banjos with aluminium neck & resonator ; 1960s $400-500-G-5/87;  Long neck-$200-G-12/94; 


Merriman                    English: made unusual 11Ó walnut rim made of individual segments which flare out to become skirt through which hooks project; flat resonator coverws nuts; plain walnut neck w/thick ebeony fgb & simplr perl inlays.; 1930Õs 


Meyer, Fred C.            Phil. (wholesaler).  C.1910; Cohen-Mug. 


Michigan, The                model by R& S (Williams ????) of Toranto 


Miller                          made in Japan with mirror inside resonator 


Minalco                       Kensington, Md        kits and parts; by Mike Holmes and  Alberto Vazquez ;c. 1970 


Minstrel    model by Epiphone model by Ramsey model by Flesher etc. model by Alvarez model by Wildwood (long neck);wildwood-$1026-MB-1/99; 


Minturn, J.D               Syracuse, NY: metal clad rims, very fancy inlays: late 1880s, 11 1/16" head diameter, attractive ornamentation,  c.1880s $895-3/95;         $600-G-7/99 $650-G-12/98 


Moderne                     Vega model  with metal rim on outside, wood on inside  with nickle silver top tone rim and no brackets; hooks went through metal ring;  4 section flanges and neck adjuster under tailpiece. Chromium finish; c.c.1927 ?1929- Fancy wood inlaid resonator 


Monarch                      open back; 1890s; model by English maker Abbott;



Monogram                                    model by S.S. Stewart Monogram . ca.?. A late banjo made by Stewart & Bauer  bearing the SB    stamp. Spunover rim, cherry neck, ebony fingerboard. $275 


Montana                     Silver Bell model by Bacon & Day  made from holly wood  1927-1939: High grade tenor banjo with white holly neck and ornately carved heel. All gold plated ivoroid fingerboard with colorful engraved etchings.

#3 -30s-$5000-G: 








Morgan Co.                 Tennessee- Custom built banjos, Gibson copies etc by Tom Morgan; 1970s- 13Ó head-$1500-G-5/96;


Morrell, Chas              began in NYC: moved to SF with gold rush 1839-1849;  1859-1896 


Morris                         English; teacher: in 1920s had Zither banjo made for him by Jim Gough, then Temlett and Windsor. 


Morrison, Jas & Co.    NYC:  1880s, EXC, metal clad rim with 11 5/8" head diameter, attractive ornamentation, ; 1890-1910; an excellent quality open back banjo with heavy spun over 11-1/2 inch rim with independent tubular tone ring that sits on small ball bearings in the rim; 27 inch mahogany neck with very nice abalone inlays of stars, moons and crowns in fingerboard and phead Cohen-Mug.

$1200-(special inlay frogs):G-7/29/94









Mozart, Special               5 str Model by Wm. Temlett of London


Moulton, H. D.           ?    fretless Minstrel age banjos; 1875-1885 $650-V-11/93:  $850-BV-2/95; 


Muse                           banjo models  by  Ogsbury with metal pots; see Ode; 1970 s  ? 

                        Muse is the label the ODE put on the banjos they distributed to stores rather than sold outright.


Muse            wood rim older banjo with shallow resonator marked Muse, Bolder Colorado e-by 


Musima                       Cheap German ?? made banjos  


Musketeer                   model made by Regal; 19 frets; pearloid fingerboard & resonator.  1930's T-30s-$150-E-3/90; 


Mustill, F.R                Folding banjo patented Oct 12, 1886 


Mystic                         model by Lyon & Healy; 38 brackets, spun over rim; c. 1890s-1910s





Mystic                                 short lived mid 1980Õs model by Wasburn with ball bearing and spring rim 




Nechville                    Banjos by Tom Nechville: new design Reso-Banjos Helimount assembly lets you change head in a second: no hooks and nuts: neck adjusts in a second with Allen wrtenches; Model: Eclipse new-$2250-E-11/93; Necvil Nuvo-$3200-G-5/96; 


Negro Whalerman      Provincetown Mass: fretless old fruit tin. Missing from Smithsonian; c. 1882 


Nelson, H.C.               of N.Evanston Ill. One of the 3 big Chicago area makers with Schal and Waldo. Banjos so similar it is hard to tell them apart. 1890s; 12 inch rim of heavy spun over German silver over wood, very nice hardware; 28 inch scale neck with ebony fingerboard; fancy ivoroid twist tuners Cohen-Mug.  

Picolo-rare-$800-B 11/93; 



New Auditorium        5 str made by R& L around 1900s 


New Era de Luxe        English brand of Zither banjos by Cammeyer 


New Yorker                 model by Gretsch; 1950s ; G.  7/29/94-$400;:       T-50s-$175-G-8/90; 


Newcorn, Harry          NYC: A Music store that probably used Buckbee banjos with its own stamp. It was on the Bowery near City Hall in N. Y. C. in the late 40's or early 50's $182-ebay-1/00 


Newman, Richard Scott               modern maker of Vega copies; Mike Seeger plays one 


Newton, G.                 English, 7 str. Banjo; $850-B-3/91; Peghead is classical guitar style, and has 7 strings (6 long, one short drone) with nickel-silver, fretless fingerboard held on withdozens of small nickel-silver screws. The peghead has nickel-silver overlay front, back and end, and gold plated, elaborately engraved or embossed  guitar style tuners and matching 5th (or 7th but who's counting) peg. All pegs have carved mother of pearl buttons. There is no wood in the 12", nickel-silver rim and most of the parts are intact;   


Newell, J.                    English Player and Teacher, his banjos made for him by Windsor 


Ne Ultra Plus              B & D Ne Plus Ultra #6 plectrum made by Gretsch, mid 1960s, EXC,lion's headheel carving, fancy engraved peghead & fingerboard ornamentation, goldplated engraved metalhardware, OHCÉÉ$3500 


Newman, Richard       Rochester NY-1970s made copy old time banjos 


Nice, W.                      English: one of earliest commercial makers in London: Had a shop in early 1870s sold his own make of unfretted banjos 


Nite Hawk                                                Slingerlands Nite Hawk: Tenor banjo with in laid resonator back $338-ebay-2/00 


Nonparell                                     Kay Nonparell . ca. 1920s. 19 fret tenor open back.  OSSC $75-BV-12/98 


Norman                       Tenor model by B&D 1930s 


Nu-Art                                model by Houdlett of NY 


Nu-Way                              model by Houdlett of NY 


Nuvo                           model by Nechvill




Oatley, A.G.                 "only one fretless example seen" c. 1875; RTB p.54; 


Oatley, H.F.                Putnam Conn.  1898; Cohen-Mug.               RTB p.54; 


Ode                             Boulder Colorado: Originals by Chuck Ogsbury who made an all metal pot as well as regulars:  bought by Baldwin in 1967 and combined w/ Gretsch & Baldwin Guitars. The originals had "Ode" on headstock, then "Baldwin", then "Ode Baldwin" then back to "OdeÓ. Style 2 had aluminum pot and 3 piece curly maple neck. 195?-1967 GGVG p. 177;       

Style D-$1250-G; 

Style D-$1000-B-9/94; 


Style C-'76-$500-G-7/89; 



Style C-$800-G-12/94: 



Style D-$1580-ebay-11/99

Style C-1980-$950-ebay-2/00



Ode by Baldwin         Serial numbers on Baldwin built Odes indicate batch number, production year, and sequence e.g. 3-80-73 or 73rd banjo of batch 3 of 1980. Have longer scale length then most other banjos. Baldwin went bankrupt about 1980. "The original co. was located on N.Broadway in Boulder. The Style 25 R has a metal rim. 1967-1980

Style D open back-60s-$1250-G-12/94;

Style C-Õ79-$900-P-3/95;

Style D-Õ80-w/g-$1400- P-3/95Õ


style C-Õ70-$800-G-12/95;

Style 25 R-Õ70s-$500-G-12/95;

Style D-Õ80-gp-$2000-G-12/98



Style C-'80-$1275-E-1/00

Ode #12-76-33-'76-$650-BV-1/00



Olympian                   Banjo model by Leedy: The Leedy Olympian was a lower end Leedy equivialnt to the Solotone A. It is quite similar to the Ludwig Kingston.  Both used the onepiece Strupe tone ring.Top tension but different than on the Ludwig banjos, nickle plated metal pot and was probably priced a little higher than the Kingston.   They were priced to compete with the Gibson TB-3 but never really caught on.  They are much rarer than the Ludwig banjos  Outside of the garishly decorated Hollander. Egyptian, and Grecian banjos Leedy banjos are not particularly sought after.  




Ome                            Made in Boulder Colorado: founded by Charles Ogsbury after Baldwin bought Ode; Models: Ponderosa Deluxe, Monarch Deluxe, Columbine I & II, Juggernaut I & II, Silver Mogul, Gold Mogul, Big Mogul:  C. Ogsbury, 5680 Valmont Rd., Boulder CO 80301.       C. 1967-pres

Double X-70s-$700-G-8/90;  



Monarch Megatone-$1400-P-3/95;

triple X-80s-$1175-G-5/96;

Golden Magician-94-ornate-$2200-E-5/96;


 Omega                        made by Omega 1920-1924 ?????/ 


Orchestra                     model by Bacon: (no ring-24 brackets-11Ó-no resonator  Bacon-Õ20s#C6792-$819-MB-1/99 4-String Banjo ;measures 31" tall with an 11" skin and a 13 1/4" resonator. The body, neck and back of the head are Grained and Birds-Eye Maple. The head and neck are some type of exotic mahogany and /or rosewood. The head is Hand Inlaid ~ BACON. The neck has 17 frets, with 8 of them intricately inlaid with MOP(?).On the wood shaft (thru the body), it reads -THE BACON ORCHESTRA 2 - with the number 6759. $476-ebay-12/99  model by SS Stewart  SS Stewart-; large head, 12Ó and more !: 


   Ô90s- $1500-G-10/88



 model by Dobson  1920's 


Orchestrella                model by Gretsch fancy inlay on peg head, shallow resonator 


Oriental                      model by Ludwig 


Oriole                          cheap banjo made by Gibson. GibsonÕs simplest banjo all balck finish, snakehead peghead 101/2Ó wooden rim; 1920s; Gibson-made Oriole tenor 4-string banjo, probably from the 20's. This was Gibson's   open-back budget line (like the Kel-Kroyden in the resonator models). It has the very heavy   wood body. Single rod. No flange, no resonator, no "big" tone-ring. T-20s-$175-G-8/90; 5str-1923-$1050-BV-10/98 


Orpheum                    Rettberg & Lange, Styles 1, 2, 3, 3 Special, 4 & Brass Band: many Tenors, 5 strings & MBs; many custom models as well e.g."Dutchess"; all use Farmer's 1903 patent in which tone ring sits on brackets which are attached to rim".Most 5 strings have Serial numbers: 1-3000 : 1st tenors #3000 and higher. Highest # seen c. #17,300. Catalog says "a retaing ring above the top edge of the rim with a resonating ring concertric to it." (Lange Orpheum Cat of 1929). Made also by Lange after he left R&L;  ALSO a model by Bacon   The Orpheum prices in 1929 were: #1-$70: #2-$90; #3-$110;-#3 spec-$135 ; Orpheum No. 3 Plectrum Special sn. 10376. Ca. 1915. All white holly with large 12-1/8 inch rim; fancy      neck with carved heel and beautiful pearl work EX OHSC $950-BV-12/98: c. 1915


Brass Band-$2500-G-8/94;



#1-orig 5str-$575-V-11/93; 


#3spec-$1600-B -2/93;

Brass Band-'10-$850-E-11/90; 





#3 spec-$1000-L-1/95;

Brass band-$Õ22-$1095-M-2/95; 

Brass band-$950-BV-2/95;

 Super #3-T-20s-$1000-G-12/95;

#3 Special Plectrum-$950-BV-12/98;

 nice #3 auctioned on Ebay for $1,825 -2/99.

Style 1-T-11 1/4Ó-$500-E-4/99

#3 7 string model $750-1000.




#1 -5str-$1000-ebay-11/99


#3 spec-5str- #5846-$2500-b-1/00


#1-12 3/8" with ohsc-$1100-mug/00

#1 11 1/8" -$1250-Mug/00




Orpheum, Super         Model By Paramount; same construction as Paramount professional banjos with raised tonering; mahogany neck and resonator; carved heel; ornate pearl work in peghead and fingerboard; nickel parts including hotdog arm rest; #17233-'30s-$850-BV-1/00 


Osbourne, Leroy         Leroy Osborne 5 string, early 1970s, EXC, solid rosewood neck & resonator, herringbone edge trim on neck & resonator, carved heel, carved eagle on resonator, heavilyengraved metal hardware, attractive inlay, HCÉÉ$1300-G-12/98  


Osmann                      banjo made by Clem of NYC c. 1900 


Ozark                          cheap models: some with cast aluminum rims; made in Orient T-£375-HG-94;  




Pacheco. Mfg              made a tenor banjo called Liberty. Well made: LIBERTY MUSICAL INSTRUMENT CO: Chicago, IL company founded in 1926 :purchased by SLINGERLAND. In 1927 T-$50-ebay-11/99 


Page, C.                       English maker and performer; Made high class banjos up to about 1935; 


Palmer                                 cheap ? 


Pal                                         fancy tenor model by Slingerland w M-O-toilet seat peghead and fingerboard; flower ethched in peghead 


Paragon                       model made by Stelling (modern); also model by English banjo maker Clifford Essex; model by Wildwood  with walnut neck and burled walnut resonator, one piece flange, fancy pearl inlays in ivoroid-bound ebony fretboard, Mastertone style flathead tone ring, fancy marquetry on neck and resonator,  $1150.-e-9/99 


Paramount                  Main model made by Lange after he left R&L: followed on the Orpheum of R&L with many of the same features. Styles A, B, C, Leader, D, E, F, all intro. In 1922; Leader Special &Aristocrat in 1926; Super Paramount models Ensemble King, Artist Professional,Artist Supreme in 1929: Later models X or Junior & Trooper in 1930; No.1 and Rhythm Special in 1931; All 3 models, Paramount, Super Paramount &  Orpheum were structurally different: reached stand still by 1935.Styles and prices listed in 1932: Junior-$85; No.1-$100; Style A-$130;- B-$150:-C-$185; Leader-$200; Ensemble King-$250; Aristocrat-$265; Artcraft-$300; Artist Professional-$300; Style F-$350; Artist Supreme-$450; Aristocrat was in the middle of the line-Style E near the top. Style E=white holly neck,rim and resonator, gold plated, engraved metal highly engraved inlays, carved heel and carving on back of peg head. Serial Numbers: #8000-1920Õs #13000-1930Õs Style A sn. 11963. Ca. 120s. all maple construction with very fancy peghead inlay; fliptop tailpiece and hot dog armrest;GC OHSC $725 Style B sn. 4706. Ca. 1920s. all maple (white Holly???)with fancy Leader inlays in fbd., raised head      tone ring, maple        Style C sn. 6565. Ca. 1920s. mahogany      construction with very fancy engraved pearl inlays in phead and fingerboard; decorative carving on heel  and back of phead, a very fine example with exceptional, piano like tone EX OHSC $1150; Leader sn. 8238. Ca. 1920s.  with fancy inlays in fbd. And      phd., all Braz. Rosewood VG OHSC $900 Style E sn. 8053. Ca. 1920s. next to top of line, white holly neck, rim and resonator, gold plated, engraved metal parts, fancy phd. And fingerboard inlays are highly engraved, carved heel      and carving on back of peghead, , resonator has attractive marquetry trim but the inside is coated with gold sparkle, HSC $1650;  1922-1935

Style F-P-20s-$2750;           

Style C-T-20s-$1000-G;        



Style A-P-$500-G;    

Style F-T-$2150-E;             

Tenor Harp-$550-B;                 

Style A-T-$700-B;   

Style B-T-20s-$700-G;  

Style E-rare-'26-T-$2200w/g-E-7/90; 

Leader-T-'27- $600-E-7/90; 

Style A-T-'27-$400-E-7/90;

Artists Professional-$3500-E;



Style C-T-'25-$800-E-4/94;



Style B-T-'20s-$700-G-7/89;


Style F-T-$700-B-9/94;

Style A-T-$700-B-9/94;



Style D?-fancy-T-20s-$1750-P-3./95;

Style A-T-m20s-$700-G-12/95;

Artist Pro-P-Õ30s-$4500-G-5/96;

Style E-T-Õ20s-$2000-G-5/96;

Artists Professional-1933-T-$2750-E-10/98

Style E-20Õs-$1650-BV-10/98

Style B-Õ20s-$750-G-12/98

Style F -T-$2650-G-12/98

Style B-T-20s-$750-MP2/99

Style B-T-$400-ebay-11/99

Style F-$1025-ebay-11/99

Style A-T-$460-ebay-11/99

Style B-$455-ebay 2/00

Style B-30s-$496-ebay-2/00

20's STYLE A BANJO   $406/ebay/6/00




Paramount                                    a model made by Harmony in 60s having a bakelite rim with 30 brackets $110-E-12/94; 


Paravox                       model by Essex P-$1200-E-6/94;     5 str-w/g-BB ? 


Parker                          English maker in Penzance, Cornwall: Address: Bluepool, The Lidden, Penzance Cornwall  TR 18 4PN; modern 


Parker, Calvert            Keene, NH: "made a fair number of open back tenor banjos, banjo-mandolins, and a few unusual mandolins."; c. 1922 


Parker, John                Montreal ;1890s Picolo-90s-$1295-B 


Parslow                       English: Early 1880s hand made Zither banjos, every one different: died 1920 


Peerless                       Epiphone model  all walnut construction, archtop tonering, full resonator and flange; 1920Õs 


Peerless                       low budget Bacon with 17 fret neck, open back: maple ;also the Super;


T-'20-$325-G 2/94;

T-20s-$300-G 12/93;



Peerless #10056-20s. T- $350-BV-12/98;


Pete Seeger                 Vega long neck   1958- ? with Tubaphone ring


71-$1250-G 2/94: 

'70-$2000-E 1/94;  







Pepper, J.W                 Phila, PA:   was performer: most made by Fairbanks; called "Premier"; late 1890 s 


Perfektone  (see Progressive Music Co.)        1910s-1920s; mando-banjo-Õ20-$225-G/10/95. 


Philharmonic              Providence, RI: made tenor with unisual metal rims: necks seem to have been made by Bacon c. 1928 


Pidoux, J.                    English teacher and performer; all instrument made for him by Windsor and J. Riley Sons 


Pierce, J. L.                                    Pensacola Fla. 1980s 


Plantation                   long neck model by Epiphone: (same as Gibson RB 175) '64-$675-E-1/00 


Plummer                            William Plummer (12/25/1873 - 2/7/1942) of Chilhowie, Virginia, a self-taught instrument maker, woodcarver, and mechanic. His trademark "signature" was a hand with an uplifted index finger pointing to God. Fretless with colored rim. 


Pollman, August        NYC  made Pollmanini, Silvertone and the Mandolin-Banjo, which Sandberg says was really made by SS Stewart; it comes in rosewood and mahagony; rosewood is more expensive: made line of banjos with US eagle bracketts ; 1890-1900 s Pic. AT p. 10;  RTB p. 19    Sandberg p. 59;  

Royal Professional-$300-V-11/93;     






Royal Prof. 5-string banjo Circa 1890   $481.00/ebay/6/00




Pollmanini                  model made by Pollman 


Ponderosa                         model by Ome; Ô80s-$1250-G-7/99 


Pony Concert              small banjo by SS Stewart 


Popular, The                    Open back 5str. Model by Windsor of UK; not a zither style 


Prairie State                Made by Tonk Bros of Chicago 1900 


Price, H.                             1880s "Homer Price Maker"


Prince                          very cheap beginning banjo sold in k-mart 


Pro II                           Model by Vega; Intro: 1967;


P- Sn#A127591-$538-ebay-1/00

also model by Aria $560-ebay-11/99; 


Professional                Model by Vega: Vegaphone; 20s; a very good 19 fret tenor banjo with pie-sectioned resonator, individual flanges, and tubaphone tonering







Professional FF           model by F. J. Bacon: has griffin peg head;c. 1908 

1920's Bacon F.F. Professional Plectrum Banjo   $535.00/ebay/6/00


Professional Special Grand          model by Bacon 


Proffitt, Frank             Vilas, NC modern fretless banjos c. 1965 


Progressive Music Co                   NYC(a wholesaler) c. 1920 


Promenade                        model by Liberty banjo co.  Promenade-$1750-BV-4/90; 


Prouse, Keith              English: 5, 6, &7 string models with plate on heel stating they were made by firm. Probably made for him by Temlett and Dallas ÒAjaxÓ was K.P. trade name.Late 1860s 


Providence Banjo       made by Leonard Coulson1970s-? 


Pumbridge, W. H.      English performer, late 1800s: made for him by Dallas 




Quadrille,                          model by Liberty Banjo Co, 


Quinlan, J. E.              Boston   1892 (pat) Cohen-Mug.        AT. P. 149;  RTB p.54; 




Radio Special             model by B&D  1920's 


Ramsey, Mike             modern maker of wood rim banjos, fretless: Appomatox VA.;New-$650-BV-10/95; 


Randola Co.                Portland Mane  ; 1908-1914 


Ranger                         see FR 5 by Vega 


Rayner, H                    minstrel banjos, small square peghead, carved heel, engraved rims, all metal pot,10 1/2Órim  ;1880s;  $175-G/10/95 


Recording                   Models by Epiphone: first of the Epiphone banjos with dragon inlay: 4 models "Artist" "Bandmaster" "Concert" "DeLuxe": 4 more models introduced in 1927: "Alhambra", "Concert Special", "Dansant" and "Emperor". Also seem to have been grades of each e.g."Recording B Bandmaster" Recording A sn. 5610.Tenor ca. 1920s. earlier model with 2 piece raised tonering, heavy flange with conventional X cutouts marked patent applied for, walnut neck and resonator, , Oettinger tailpiece VG OHSC $950-BV-12/98;   Recording B . Tenor ca. 1920s. the ÒBandmaster Ò the neck and rim are Brazilian rosewood, the metal parts are burnished gold; the back of the peghead and resonator are tortoise; multicolored marquetry tim and simple engraved inlays; pearl button  tuners, of course; an extra fine example EX OHSC $1850-BV-12/98: intro-1925-1935 Recording B Bandmaster-20s-T-$850-G-5/6/87;  Recording Concert  Special Tenor c. 1930 19 frets perloid head stock and fingerboard, both engraved, gold plate carved heel; $2750-E-7/99; 


Recording King          brand made by Gibson for Montgomery-Ward;      Montgomery did sell Gibson banjos under the Recording King line. Some were fairly low grade and some were very high grade banjos. The top of the line was gold plated, engraved, 40 hole archtop tonering, trimmed as fancy as Granada and Style six. Montgomery Ward did sell Gibson banjos under the Recording King line. Some were fairly low grade and some were very high grade banjos. The top of the line was gold plated, engraved, 40 hole archtop tonering, trimmed as fancy as Granada and Style six. They were very fine quality banjos. GGVG p. 170;    orig 5-$1850-P-12/94; 


Recording King             also a model by KayKraft (Kay) 


Red Fox                       model made by Stelling: new $3000 in 1999 


Regal                           Indianapolis (20th century: University): Chicago Regal Co. who had liscense to make Dobros ?? in 30s ??; 1920s-1930's Cohen-Mug.  GGVG p.3.






Regal                           model by Essex 


Regal                                    Bakalite rim with wooden resonator 5 str.; seen on ebay: Harmony was making under the Regal name before they

went out of business in the early '70'.  If it's made in USA, and if it's

in good working order (necks straight, good action, etc.) then it's

probably a pretty decent deal.  The only down side of these banjos is the

neck is pretty narrow. 


Regent                         Model by Fairbanks-Vega, then Vega. *The 1912 Regent was open backed with 10 3/4 Ò head.  Vega Regent Plectrum sn. 85536. Ca. 1929. 22 fret plectrum; all maple construction with ebony fingerboard; geared tuners added EX SSC $450-BV-12/98;


Veg- P-'25-$400-G-10/88; 









Reiter, Bart                  modern banjo maker in Haslett MI: makes old time Vega and Bacon copies. $900-2000 range 


Reso-tone                          made by Harmony 


Rettberg & Lange       NYC: Joined forces and bought Buckbee in '97: made the Orpheum, the New Auditorium, the Manhattan: Lange left in 1922: banjos under R&L name until 1929   ;1897-1929 R&L Special Grand Concert-£650-BB-4/87; 


Rettberg                      After Lange left continued to make banjos under R&L until 1929: then his own: main model was Majestic; 1922- 


Revalation                                                model by UK builder Van Allen


Rex                              model made by Gretsch 


Rheingans                   modern banjos made by Helmut Rheingans in Sheffield England;Banjoist Broad. 123 


Rhythm King              model by Bacon in 20Õs; model by Bacon  & Day; 30s Ò20Õs-$300-G-10/88 T-late 30s-$300-G-3/95; 


Rialto                                   model by Epiphone; 20s; tenor, walnut 19 fret, slotted diamond inlays, perloid peghead resonator and flange w/elongated holes. T-20s-$650-MP2/99 


Rich-Spencer              Clapham England ;1900s; $650-G-10/90 


Rich & Taylor             hand made by Mark Taylor and Greg Rich in  Mt. Juliet Tennessee: Many models, J. D. Crowe, Reno, Osborne, Keith, Baucom. Started in 1993. Don Reno model-new-$1750-P-12/94;  Price range$2250-4450 new -M/94; 


Richelieu                    Oregon  Wisconsin:  models "Golden Eagle";ÓGolden BellÓ:.Richelieu Golden Bell Ne Plus Ultra Plectrum sn. 908842. Ca. 1990. Custom made of ebony neck, rim  and resonator; Silver Bell style tonering; solid pearl fingerboard inlaid with silver and abalone vine; gold      plated metal parts;

$4250-BV-12/98; 1970s-pres

$1200-E  1/94

Golden Bell-T-$1600-E-10/98



Rickett, Jos.                 Phila.; 1880s-1890s; Cohen-Mug.      $300-500-V-11.93; & 8/94; 


Riley, J. & Son            English maker for others: estab 1850s; own banjos date form 1895: Zither banjo patents:  


Riviera                        model by Ludwig 


Roberts                        Notting Hill, England: 7 string; early 1870s; AT.p. 137 


Robinson                    Robinson made by Luscomb of Boston, late 1880s, EXF, metal openback rim, 12 1/8" head diameter, scalloped tone ring, attractive ornamentation,original Maltese cross frictionpegs, SCÉÉ$750-G-12/98; 


Robinson                    model by Dobson 


Robinson, Gad.          Boston     performer whose banjos were made in late 1890s by O. R. Chase and later by Fairbanks ; Some made by Gatcomb as well Was there a "Robinson" banjo made by Dobson ? see BL 1/95;   ;1893-1900s AT. P. 114:  RTB. P. 42 


Rock, Bob                          Like new, seldom played, curly maple banjo with mother of pearl inlays. Case included. Good sound. Aluminum tone ring cast, then turned on lathe and finished by Bob Rock. One of approximately 500 hand crafted by Bob Rock of Bedford, PA.


Rose Brothers              English- banjos and Zither banjos in 1920s they sold the ÒSavanaÓ range of inexpensive banjos; in 1923 became Rose, Morris & Co, Ltd. 


Roy Smeck                  Silver Bell model for cowboy by Bacon & Day; 1930-1939 Also: model by Harmony


 Royal Artist                model by Bruno 


Roylance, C.                English dealer: banjos made for him by Spratt & Temlett. 


Rush, George W.        1890; spun over rim 5 str. Very fancy inlay on neck with large diamonds on every fret, lyre on peg head, metal heel cap. 


Rushworth & Dreaper                  English; introd Zither banjos in 1910 using brand name ÒApolloÓ: probably made by Windsor or Matthews; claimto be first to introduce American type bano, i.e. with tone ring under vellum. In UK. 


Ryan, W.                     English 6 string 1860s; AT. P. 135


Rydal                                   Tenor M-o-TS




Saga Musical Instruments            Made 3 prices of banjos, Blueridge, Saga and Gold Star; made in Japan: regular banjos as well as kits with cast aluminum pots: Distributer  PO Box 2841; San Franscisco 94080; New prices in '87-Blueridge $110-125; Saga-$225-895; Gold Star-995-1995; 1970 s-? $450-E  1/94;  Aluminum-$225-E-4/94; 


Salstrom Banjo Co.     Oregon Ill;  bought out by Fender in late 60s Concert Tone-P-'mid60s-w/g-$1750-P-12/94; 


Samick                        cheap,  "far Eastern" made banjos 


Sano                            Bluegrass copies from Asia ? $1500-West-1/95; 


Saunders, E.P             Ludlow, VT (one example seen is copy of Bacon FF Professional)     c.1910 RTB p.54; 


Savana                             Range of banjos by Rose Brothers, English firm 


SB-25                                Sigma banjo Ô91-$385-G-1/99 


Schaeffer, Arling        Chicago, IL   Mellowtone (Schall).1911-1924;Cohen-Mug. 


Scarth        English maker:1931:  none have the name Scarth but an old English ÒSÓ inlaid in peg-head. None made after 1936 


Schall, J. B.                 Chicago: in 1907 he advertised a 4 string banjo: First Tenor ?   Fancy 5 strings with silver inlay and silvered head storck overlays.ÓImperialÓ=10-1/2Óspun over rim, maple neck,ebony fgbd, 1878-1895; 2nd shop 1906-1907; AT. P. 94;     Cohen-Mug.

5s-1880s- $550-G-8/90;

BaxterÕs model-Õ1880s-$700-G-5/96;


1880Õs-13Óhead fancy inlay-$1350-BV-11/99


5s-not fancy-$305-ebay-1/00


 Schastey & Diesel      NYC 


Schmick, Wm              Camden NJ      made the Lyric (possibly really made by Vega) Rare 5str has with top tension closed back 12 1/2Órim with sound holes around top edge: WILLIAM O. SCHMICK: Camden, NJ inventor of the "Lyric" brand banjos for which he was issued a patent in 1916. They were modeled after the zither-banjos but designed to be played with gut strings. These banjos, which were actually made to his order by VEGA, may be the source of the idea for the Vega-Vox models. From 1925, Schmick's banjos were distributed by CARL FISCHER.; 1914-1925; Cohen-Mug.;        



5str rare-Lyric-Õ15-$995-BV-10/98



Schmidt, Oscar Inc.    Jersey City, NJ..La Scalla,Sovereign,Stella: also made an alluminum rim banjo; .c. 1920 allum.rim-$175-E 


Schraeder                "Wheel Banjo" made by luthier Arville Schraeder Who died in 1999: used a  metal auto whee3l (Honda)wheel for the body: Serious banjo. 


Schroeder, J. G.           NYC       made the JGS; 1902; Cohen-Mug. 


Scruggs Soloist           Vega model; intro: 1969 


Senator                        model  made by Vega with 10 3/4Órim-simple tone ring bound mahagony neck






Banjeaurine-'09-V-$ ?-8/94;






Senorita                      model tenor by B & D:  curley maple neck, multi colored pearloid overlay shell, etched and painted inlays; same as Belmount but with resonator; see Belmount; c. 1930s-1940s G. 7/29/94:   


T-'40-$325-E 1/94; 







Very fancy mop-$610-ebay-1/00



Serenader                          Silver Bell model by Bacon & Day with Silver Bell tone ring, yellow brown pearloid headstock, f hole flange, 19 fret. 30Õs-T-$1200-E-4/99 


Seville                         Cheap beginner banjos made ??? 


Shattuck, B. E.            Boston 1895-1897; RTB p.54;     Cohen-Mug. 


Shaw                           Chicago  1914; Cohen-Mug. 


Shenandoah                    model by Imperial Co. of Ty Piper 1970s 


Shepard, A. J              English 1880-1912: made ÒImproved Eureka BanjoÓ 


Shevill, H.L.               English teacher and performer 1920s-1950Õ Banjos made for him by Abbott called ÒLen Shevill SpecialÓ 


Sho-bud                      formerly made in Nashville by Sho-Bud Co.:  made Sho Bro resonphonic guitars; incorporated into Gretsch, now made in Japan 80s-$500-G-8/89;  Ô70s-RB250 copy-$500-G-12/95; 


Schoenhut.                       Made in 1920 0r earlier. Banjo-Uke Measures 21" long. Banjo measures 7" in diameter. 


Sheer            English maker of Zither banjos 


Sierra                                   model by Deering w/ tone ring 


Sigma                          Made in Korea for Martin: low budget beginers banjos; pres new-$330-E-Cat. SB-25-Õ91-$385-G-12/98 


Silver Bell                   model  by Bacon & Day: many models, #1 to # 9:  Nos. 6 and above are "Ne Ultra Plus": other lines were Montana, Sultana, Serenader etc. also in different grades #1-9: they have f-hole flanges many or most with a knee pedel; most have label inside to tell what the model number is. Style 1=19 fret neck, f-hole flange, knee mute; tone ring with internal holes; Style 2= 19 fret neck carved heel f-hole flange, knee mute, perl buttone From Bacon and Day, the finest of banjo makers, a No. 2 Silver Bell Banjo (serial no. 17184, circa 1924). A 19-fret, 4-string tenor in SUPERB condition and in her original case! Featuring a sterling silver plated, f-hole flange; ebony fingerboard with mother-of-pearl inlay, straight neck with beautifully carved ornamentation on the heel; pearl tuning pegs, Oettinger tailpiece; and a knee mute Style 3= 19 fret neck;carved heel f-hole flange, gold plated; Silver Bell No. 1 sn. 13010. Plectrum ca. 1924. Early model with round hole flange;  EX SSC $1350- 12/98-BV Bacon & Day Silver Bell No.1 sn. 25551.Plectrum ca.. Original Silver Bell rim with F hole flange and      solid tone ring. The original neck was probably a tenor and it has been stretched using the original      peghead and heal. Missing the mute and replaced tailpiece. A good  player. VG HSC $1150-BV-12/98: Silver Bell No. 1 Tenor sn. 22669. Ca. 1920s. very clean, all original example, solid no  hole tonering, complete with mute, Oettinger tailpiece and armrest, EX OHSC $1450-BV-12/98; RTB  p. 27;



#3-T-$3000-20s-G;    Ô39-

Serenader $1350-M-2/95;






Ne Ultra Plus-40s-T-$2000-E-7/90;  




Ô20Õs #1-$1200-E-4/99

#2 Sn#17184-$1600-ebay-2/00





Silver Bell                         model by Dobson in 1880 with frets: made by L&H 


Silver Chime               a model of Luscomb Banjo by T&O                                  model by C.E. Dobson 


Silver Flash                 model by Ludwig 


Silver Monarch              model by Ome: c. $2500 new 


Silver Princess                model by Alvares; $648-ebay-11/99 


Silverbell                    banjo made by Dobson, Henry & Son ??


 Silvergold Magician  model by Ome: Megatone, new, attractive engravedpearl inlay, onepiece flange, bluegrass style flat head tone ring,  $2625-G-12/98; 


Silvertone                   made by Kay in the 50's 


Silvertone,                  model by Pollman 


Simon, Mark               Made electric 5 str banjo, New Jersey, solid body;modern $475-G-7/89;  Simonson, V         c. 1862 


Sinfonico                           model by Iucci


 Skinner, C.                 English teacher and performer: banjos and Zither banjos made by Temlett and AbbottÓ had patent on ÒTone-BarÓ


 Slingerland                Chicago drum maker; banjos in 1918; after 1930 made drums again: made the May Belle, Troubadour, Deluxe, Diplomat, La Melodia(5s) models 1916-1929; AT.p. 70, 157:   GG. 121:      


La Melodia-'20s-$250-G-5/87;  20s-repro 5-$325-L-1/95;


American Conservatory-P-30Õs-$375-BV-10/98



 Small, Dale                made 9 string banjo;modern ? $1000-G/8/89; 


Smith, Alfred              English; 1880s-1930s; all his banjos made by Parslow ot Tilley 


Smith, Arthur.E. :  Banjo Co.       Brattleboro Vt. Made by Smith and Kate Spencer. Made repros of older banjos; old address was in Greenfield Mass.;1970s BB#116/89;

#516 c. 1970 $775 BVI 12/00: a few at elderly for $1000 in 2002


 Snow, Billy                NYC  1870;  Cohen-Mug.   RTB  pic #6; 


Solo Banjeaurine        model by SS Stewart 


Solotone                     model by Leedy: Tenors and Plec & some orig 5 str.. some tenors with 19 fets top tension; 20s








 Soloist                              Vegaphone model with 17 frets clear of body w/ extension to 22 frets;  intro 1925





 Soloist                                Model by Wildwood Used-$1500-E-4/99 


Songster                      model of May Bell by Slingerland 


Sonflower                   model by Stelling for Sonny Osborne; about 20 made in early 80Õs; gold plate; fancy; $2995-PS-1/99; 


Sonny Osborne          Vega model ;  intro: 1967 


Sonoro                        model by Alberts of Phila. C. 1900s 


Southern Beauty           Model by Howard 11Óhead, mahog. Neck, carved heel,headstock veneered with 3 colors of wood 30 brackets, spun over rim. $28.00 new in teens 


Sovereign                    intermediate 5 str. (probably not US) modern $775-W-1/95;  Special Ar          t                 model by Ludwig 


Special Peerless             model by Gatcomb 


Spencer, R.                  Large English maker 1880-1915: well made Zither banjos: by 1887 he advertised ÒSpencer & Watkins Patent BanjoÓ; Also made for many others including early Essex & Cammeyer. 


Spratt. H.                    English: one of earliest commercial English banjo makers; 1870s


  SS5- Folklore            Model by Vega, long neck 1959- '67-$700-G-9/94 


Stadium                      cheap banjos made under "Orpheum" name: distributed by Lipsky Music Co. of NYC 1950s 


Staghorn                     model made by Stelling $2200-E  1/94; Ô88-$2900-E-7/99;   new-20th anniv-$12,000-E-7/99; 


Stahl, Wm. C.             Milwaukee: probably made by Tonk Brothers of Chicago; 1914 Cohen-Mug. 


Standard Art               model by Ludwig 


Stanleytone                Banjo by Frank Neat: arch top: 40th anniv model had only 25 made.pres; also 50th anniv. Models 1980-$1400-E  1/94; 40th anniv.-$3400-E-5/96; 

50th ann model #50 11 $4500-BVI-12/00


Star Banjo                                     Boston 1882;RTB p.54;   Cohen-Mug. 


Stella                           by Oscar Schmidt T-$103-ebay-11/99 


Stelling, G. H.            first of CA then of Afton VA:  Models: Red Fox, Masterpiece, Sunflower, Virginian, Superstar, Master Flower, Staghorn, Gold Cross, Bell Flower, Whitestar etc. 1974-pres $3000 & up range;   Sunflower-Õ84-$1600-P-3/95;  Ô75-White Star B-$1250-G-12/95; 


Stephenson                 cheap English zither banjos 


Sterling, W.T.B.          metal clad rim with ÒebonizedÓ stained fingerboard ;late 1800s a registered trademark of William Tonk Bros. Co. As early as1880s and into the 1930s the name was still in use. The actual makers varied. $275-3/95;


 Stern,  Jos. W.            NYC ; made by Stewart Sons; 1902-1914; Cohen-Mug. 


Stetson                        banjo made by Dyer 


Stetson, J. F.                Chicago, but   made by Luscomb of Boston,  1898;Cohen-Mug. 5s-'95-$550-G-8/90;


 Stewart-McDonald    Athens, OH         kits of all kinds, including, banjorines,  cast aluminum pots.The aluminum pots were tappered and made between 1969-1980. Called  "Eagle" brand.; 19??-pres; GG. P. 38 


Stewart, J.R                 Chicago Ill;  Le Domino; c. 1926 


Stewart, SS                 Phila. Began 1878; developed banjeaurine c. 1885. Early 80s got Sears Contract to make Acme line.. 1898 joined up with Bauer but died same year. Many models with different grade, i.e. nos 1, 2 ,3 etc.:Amateur-$15, Student-$10;, Universal Favorite-$20, $30, $40, $50; , Special Thoroughbred (as good as they made)$40; , Orchestra $35-$50; Orchestra Banjo-$60;, Champion-$30-50;, 20th Century-$30;, Grade 2-$10; Speciality (D-tuning)-$30;, Pony Concert-$14;, American Princess-$20-30; , Lady Stewart$16-20;, Little Wonder(Piccolo) -$13-20;,  6 string Banjo, Solo Banjeaurine-$30; Imperial Banjeaurine-$30-50;,  Presentation models were $100-125-150 & up;  Orchestras had big heads 12 5/8Ó and 13 1/8Ó;Lady Stewart=9Ó head; 1878-1898: Banjos with the SS Stewart name were made up to 20-30 years after his death by the slingerland company and labeled for one of many comanpies  that purshased the sss  AT. P. 94  GG. P. 51: c.1900-$380-V-3/93;

Grade 2-'80s-$380-V-3/93;

'88-No.2- $450-V-3/93;


Little Wonder-Picolo-$675-B-12/90; 


Style 1-'90s-$500-G-7/89; 

90s-Amer Princess-orig-$819-M-10/94: 

'90s-Little Wonder-7"-$750-BV-2/95;



Special Thoroughbred 1890Õs--$700-E 10./98

Universal Favorite,1900-$435-E 10/98

Fretless-very fancy-#1370-$2500-BV-10/98


Fretless Orchestra 12Ó-$850-G-11/98

Special Thoroughbred-Õ90s-$1250-G-11/98

Orchestra-13 5/8Ó-$1250-G-11/98

#2 American Princess-90s-$800-G-11/98;


Lady Stewart-Õ90s-$650-BV-11/98

Fretless #1370-fancy-$2500-B-12/98

Special Thoroughbred-Ó1900-$650-G-12/98

Ô90s deluxe-hearts & moons$1129-MB-1/99;

Model #2-12Ó-1880-$750-E-4/99


Student #6411-'80s-$425-BVI-12/00



 Stewart & Baur          Phila;  made the " Monogram": Baur was mando. Maker, Stewart, banjo maker:teamed up to do Sears contract but Stewart died. 1898-1901;Cohen-Mug. 


Stewart, SS & Sons    Phila. Business continued with Sons and Bauer to finish out Sears contract. They split in 1901. Sons contimued to make SSStewart 4s series til 1904. As many as 25, 000 SSS Banjos were made. ;1898-1904; GG p. 51   

Special Thoro-'90s-E-$475-87;


Orchestra #2-1892-$950-E-5/96.



 Stichter, H. P.            fretless; c. 1848; RTB pic.3 


Stimpson, J. H.           Reading Mass; RTB p.54; 


Strad-o-Lin                       5 string banjo 


Stratford                      Plectrum model by Ludwig; Ludwig Stratford . ca. 1920s. top tension model with full flange and crown shaped cutouts; gold  engraved and black chrome parts; walnut resonator with fancy marquetry; walnut neck with fancy pearl inlay and gold planet tuners;  $950-BV-12/98 


Strathopoulo, Epi       NYC    see Epiphone; 1873-1957 


Stratton & Handly,     Lowell MA  made by Cole 1890's-1900s AT. P. 111;  Banjeaurine-$750-E 1/94; 


Stratton Wm               Cambridge Mass. Performer banjos possibly made by Gatcomb 1890s Banjeaurine-90Õs-$695-BV-10/98 


Stratton, J.F                 NYC: a wholesaler; banjos made by  Haynes Bay State 1880-1890s;  Cohen-Mug.      $750-B-12/90; $??-BV-10/95;


Strauss Mfg Co.          NYC;  c.1902; Cohen-Mug. 


Streb Bros.                  NYC: 10 3/4Ó wooden rim-26Óscale, fretted neck c. 1890;Cohen-Mug. 1890-$245-BV-10/98


 Strom                          ??  1960s $800-G 4/94 


Stromberg, Charles & Sons-         Boston: made 2 models with the "Cupperphone Tone Chamber": standard model  called the Marimbaphone; fancy called "Deluxe".  Marimbas seen with and without Cupperphone Tone chamber. Is Banjo was made by Charles Stromberg of Chelsea, Massachusetts. Although best known for their Arch Top guitars(the ones that sell       in the $80,000 range)Mr. Stromberg made 500 banjos between the mid 20s and the mid 30s. Mr. Stromberg invented an unusual tone ring        called a "Cupperphone Tone Chamber" which consisted of numerous small metal tubes attached vertically underneath the head       Stromberg was known to do custom work and rarely are two identical examples of these Cpperphone-equipped banjos seen.  Deluxe . ca. 1920s. all rosewood construction, fancy engraved inlays in peghead      and fingerboard, carved heel, nickel tension hoop and flange engraved with flowers, lots of colorful  marquetry, VG OHSC $3500-G-12/98; 1910-1955; AT. P. 70;     RTB p. 51.       




T-marimbaphone- resonator-$1950-BV 10-98


Tenor $274.98/ebay/6/00


Stromberg-Voisinette.                  Chicago Ill; Made Mayflower Banjos; also       Key Chord; inexpensive instruments;  bought by Henry Kay Kuhrmeyer in 1928, who used name until 1931, then changed to Kay Musical Instrument Co.; c.1920-1931;RTB p. 51; GGVG p. 221. 


Student, The               model by SS Stewart; most basic model,. This instrument has a light weight 11 inch spunover rim and a 27 inch scale cherry neck with ebony fingerboard



also model by Gatcomb 


Sully                           English Banjo player of all types: A. Sullivan; models made for him by Hullah Acoustics of Wales: Session King, De Luxe,; pres 


Sultana                       model by Bacon & Day; w/ silver Bell tone ring, maple, fancy overlaid resonator 19 fret neck, two stage f-hole flange,






#1 T-'30s'-$1650-P-12/94;


T-# 1-sn31951-Ô30-$1750-BV-11/99

1929-30 #1     $687.00 ebay 5/00



Sunflower                   model by Stelling; #4575-$2150-E-1/00 


Superbo                             model by Howe 


Supertone                   5 str. Model: "Dixie Wonder": Name used by Sears and Wards for models made by L&H, Kay, Harmony etc.Some were kinda fancy ;  Supertone is a Sears Roebuck brand.  Some also made by Lang: e.g. Supertone Orchestra King,§ The ChallengerÓ; Langstyle model
banjos made by Wm.L.Lange for Sears and Roebuck & co Supertone . ca. 1930s. walnut neck with carved heel; engraved, pearloid peghead and      resonator back; pearl vine in fingerboard ; arched tonering; a showy banjo   OHSC $350-G-12/98: 1890s-1910s

Dixie Wonder-$250-G-5/87; 





Supertone                         model by Bacon 30s tenor T-$310-ebay-1/00 


Sunflower                   model made by Stelling $1500-E;   $1250-70s-G-7/89;


 Superbo                     banjo made by Howe 


Super Orpheum          model by paramount c. 1930Õs with raised tone ring, rosewood neck and resonator carved heel, ornate pearl work in fingerboard T-30Õs-$1150-BV-10/98 


Super Star                         model by Stelling 80s $1526-ebay-2/00 


Swallowtail                     Model by Stelling


 Sweeney, Joel W.       Appamatox Va (some by Boucher of Baltimore) Famed minstrel: lived: 1813-1860 ;  1831-1845;  GG. P. 41 


Sweetgrass                  model By Flatiron (Gibson) in Bozeman MT.; 1980s 


Symphony                                    Silver Bell model by Bacon & Day; 1934-1940s  >T.> 


Tallmadge, H. C.        Cincinatti OH:   metal clad rims, peghead bound in German nickle-silver designs; 1880s; Cohen-Mug.: (Cin.,Ohio circa 1880) Peghead is completely bound in german nickel silver designs with  silver stars in rosewood fingerboard, all geared pegs, bone nuts, very strong sound from 11" metal clad rim

$575. Rgamusic-11/99



Teed, Geor.                 NYC: added a 6th string: one 5 string example in Smithsonian; fretted, 8 bracks, top tension; early commercial type: patented an internal sound board in 1862: made minstrel banjos; only a few have survived: first attempt at cast metal tone ring:  1862-1880s;AT. P. 136, 147  GG p. 48;    Cohen-Mug. See  Bob Flesher's tape notes; 


Teel, G.S.W                Springfield, MA; c. 1890; RTB p.54;: see Mugwumps 7 #3 for picture. 


Temlett, Wm.              One of earliest English Bnajo makers started in 1840s. Made  6 & 7 string banjos ;1869 granted patent for his first closed back banjo; 1876 invented the first Zither banjos; died 1904. 1846-- £90-HG-94;  Ajax $250,B, 97 


Temlett, Wm. E.          Son of other Temlett. Started his own business in 1895: Noted for his ÒApolloÓ Zither banjo and ÒHerculesÓ and ÒMozartÓ regular banjos; made many banjos for others; e.g. Made Ajax Fretless; 1895-1903 


Tempo Grande            model by Bruno 


Tenor Harp                 Model by Paramount: maple tenor with spruce top; 19 frets 1920Õs T-$550-as is BV-10/98 


Tenortrope                  Tenor banjo made ny Dobro with dobro resonator; Style 65= had round wood body w/ sand blasted ornamental designs;1920Õs T-$2000-G-10/98 Style 65-Õ29-$1450-G-12/98 


Tennesseean               made by Mark Taylor: But also a model by Gretsch in the 1960s 76-top tension-$2250-G-2/95; 


Thayer, Geo. L.           Mt. Upton NY      (made the Comet)  ;1913-192?;Cohen-Mug.               AT. P. 154 


Thomas                       Shawnee Oklahoma, ;1979;G.  7/29/94- $750-G 


Thompson & Odell    Boston   made the Luscomb & Artist  banjos: in 1882 advertised 40 models; Luscomb was player, patented tone chamber under rim:"Silver Chime" banjos; Most were standard "Artist" with 16 models, banjeaurines, Picolos in both Luscomb & T&O lines: Vega bought in 1898  Thompson & Odell Artist model sn. 3798. Ca. 1890s;  11 inch      spun over rim; the mahogany neck has an ebony fingerboard with very finely engraved pearl inlays; 26 inch scale; EX $595 1872-1898 RTB pp 49-50:  

T&O-$325-M-'71;                  #3782-1890s-$1250-BVI-12/00


Thornburg, Bob          Modern maker of gourd banjos: 1478 Rocking W Dr., Bishop CA 93514;  New-$398-BV-10/95; 


Thoroughbred            banjo model  by SS Stewart











Thunderer                   banjo made by Clarke of NYC;  Cohen-Mug. 


Tilley, A.                     English: estab 1884: one of first player to use a plectrum on the banjo; 1889 had patent on banjo with wood bottom of the rim and metal top; Tilley Zither banjos made by the hundreds until WWI: Well made, highly prized. 


Tip-Top                              Ludwig tenor with 13 hooks and solid back resonator: cheaper model 


Tilton, W.M.S.            Fretless ( made by C. Bruno & Sons of NYC) c. 1870 AT. P. 107  RTB.pic. 4;         $600-B-12/90;     $800-B-12/90; 


Tilton,W.B.                 Boston MA  & NYC    (Haynes);1860-1885;Cohen-Mug. 


Todd                                    1900s Todd Banjo. The label inside of the banjo reads "The Todd Banjo/No. 787/Todd Mfg Co/San Francisco, CA". Zither type banjo, w/ carved heel 


Tonetube                    model by English maker Greenop 


Tonk Bros                   Chicago instument makers who made instruments with others names like, Maurer, Euphonon, Prairie State, Stetson and Stahl. 1890s-1900s 


Toreador                             model by Ludwig 


Tourraine                    Model by Lange: Tenors;Late 20s $350-G 


Tradition Banjos         all metal pot banjo;modern 1970s?? 


Trap Door                         type of banjo by Gibson with models #1-5: Ball bearing models I-5  began 1918 


Trijo                                     model by Washburn (Lyon & Healy) that was to be used as three banjos in one, Ukulele, Tango & PiccoloÓ 


Triple X---                             Tenor with unusual metal rim  covered by maple wood and hollow metal tubes running from beneath the tone ring to the bottom rim of the wood rim. It's a mid-20s Lange product. There's a patent for the tone ring but I

forget who owned it. Typical Lange strong construction. Not particularly

valuable but very interesting, usually. It's distribution is associated with

Stadlmair, a NYC wholesaler.


Troubadour                 model by Slingerland-gold plated; engraved metal; rosewood neck; carved lions etc; also  model by Wildwood (1970s) T-30-carved-$2500-G-3/95; T-30-gp-carved-$5000-G-5/96; T-30s-$3500-BV-10/98 wildwood-$1025-MB-1/99; 


Trujo                           San Francisco: made by  Gibson for the Truett/George Studios:  Models A & B with gargoyle peg heads and Deluxe C with eagle peg heads: More Plectrums survived: Equiped with deepest bodies and megaphonic tone ring.; c. 1927-1934; AT. P. 70 30s-Style B -P-$3000-E-4/99 Style A sn. 3084-A. ca. 1920s. deap rim with  resonator and flange; RARE model VG HSC- BV-$1850-11/99 


Tu-ba-phone               banjo model made by Vega: introduced in 1909: styles #3 & #9, Deluxe: ÒThere have been 2 banjos seen with  Gryphon inlay and maple necks -- not stained dark, either; they date from between the flower pots and the torch, circa 30k serial numbers. Only 2 known.  All other #3s have had mahogany necks.Ó







'26 repro-$1438-M-10/94;








'orig #9-'23-$3500-G-2/95;




#9 repro-30Õs pot-$2750-BV-10/98


#9-Õ30s repro-$2550-BV-11/98;



Tune Master                     type Model banjo made in Holland in 1900Õs 


Turner, Alvey                               London 1885, maker: and seller: all his banjos made by others  1885- Leeds-£200-BB-2/89; 


Turner (McTurner), John              NYC; 1862-1895 


Twentieth Century                       banjo  made by Regal:   also model by SS Stewart 


Tyger Brand Banjos                             modern, minstrel style banjos 


Tyler Mountain                                     Cheal imports  >U.


 UB                              Gibson Ukelele banjo;introduced in1924 UB 1-$300-G UB?-w/resonator)$550-ebay-1/00 UB4-$1225-ebay-3/00


 Ultra Vega Vox V       Vega model ;introduced in 1970 


Uncless, L. & MacGee, D.            Syracuse, NY;c. 1910 


Union Music Co         Toledo, OH;1919-1923


 Universal Favorite,    banjo model by SS Stewart





90'2-$300-G-11/88;  '


90's #12172-$346-ebay-11/99

90's-#51948- $415-ebay-2/00




University                   banjo made by Regal 


Univox                                Imported modern banjos c. $250 


Upper Mill                       modern banjos made by Henry Buck: c. $1500  >V. 


Van Allen                   English maker. Will Van Allen real name William Dodds; Made the Revelation;19??-1929 


Van Eps, Fred             Plainfield, NJ   (made by Lyon & Healey) Van Eps-Burr Corp.  1920-1949 ????                  1903-1929; AT. P. 94  GG p. 60; 

Recording Tenor-20s-$400-E;      







Van Hagen                  NY: patented a 7 string with frets in 1859 to combine best of guitar and banjo: had irregularly shaped body.


 Vanguard                   model by Great Lakes 


Vega          Boston:  started as Vega Instrument Co. established in 1889; owned by Carl &  Julius Nelson who bought Fairbanks in 1904 after fire: continued to use Fairbanks nameplate til 1910; Fairbanks name dropped in1922-23. In 1924 Bill Nelson took over: sold to Martin 5/17/70: Martin continued making banjos with Vega name from Nazereth Pa.:  Martin-Vega have Martin decal on back of peghead & inside on body; ÓWhen Martin would change a design, the older design went up in price.  When we bought Vega my main concern was that the parts, particularly the tone reing were not fitted very well.  Older versions of practically any instrument have an edge on the used market.   If it was a high number it would have been made at Vega between 1970-71. We moved to Nazareth in the fall of 1971, and finished the stock in process.  When we changed over to ALL Martin draftspeople, I started over with Serial number #1. There were slightly less than 2000 instruments made after this point.Ó(Longworth). Martin resold name  1979/80 to  Galaxie Trading Co. of Korea/Japan.  They  made an aluminum rim banjo as well as regular: Deering bought name in 1988, in order to bring out Pete Seeger model  long neck banjo in 1992.;  DeeringÕs first Vega open back with Tubaphone ring came out in 1998 with cost of $2795.00;  Vega also made:  a Vega Deluxe 5 string plectrum (5 equal length strings), 1924,EXF, gold platedengraved hardware, elaborate heel carving, 11 1/2" head diameter, open back, extremely rare model, HCÉÉ$4000  VEGA DELUXE TENOR BANJO (1925)    VG-EC, 19 fret neck, bound ebony fretboard (radiused) with replacement inlays (no engraving), carved heel on highly flamed maple neck, fancy engraved headstock inlays (on front and back), backstrapping, gold Planetary tuners with pearl buttons, tubaphone tone ring, abalone rim cap, heavily engraved tension  hoop, tailpiece and individual flanges, gold hardware, pieplate resonator  (refinished) with engraved ivoroid sidewalls, top-of-the-line model, rare, with SN:66363)É$2400.-e-9/99  Regents, White Ladies, and Tubaphones all have a metal --usually brass--thin sheet that comes half way down the outside of the rim to about 1/2 inch  above the shoes. They all have a brass hoop at the top, over which the thin  metal piece is crimped, and frequently soldered to it. In the Regent, Senator, Little Wonder (all the same tone ring) the brass, sometimes steel, hoop rests on the wood rim.  An additional difference is that in the White Lady and Tubaphone models, the  Shoes are screwed to a heavy bracket band and there are no holes drilled thru the rim. The other models have the screws passing thru holes drilled through the rim. In the White Lady, there is a scalloped band between the rim and the hoop, holding it up off the rim edge. The Tubaphone has  a square metal tube between the hoop and the rim -- hence the name. Sometimes that tube has round holes drilled in it, sometime barbell shaped holes, sometimes slits, the holes being the most desirable. All the tone rings stem from earlier attempts to increase the volume of Banjos of the day, in pre-amplification times. The precursor to the White  Lady was the Electric, which, in early time, had a full wrapped metal rim, and the scalloped band. 1889-1970 see: Longworth in Mugwumps Vol.1 #3;  Elderly Cat for Deering;    

Vega Wonder-'66-$350-G-5/87;

Sonny Osborne-'60s-$1000-G-7/89;             


Aluminum rim-Korea-$225-E;


#2 special-1921-$500-G-11/98


 Style C     Vega Banjorine, 10 3/4"  and a 5 string type of electric; Electric rim, style 3 heel carving and White Lady style maple neck with a gryphon in the peghead -- very rare.   Also a Style "C" with metal wrapped Regent style rims, carved heels and #2 style maple necks. 

Style F                         tenor 17 fret





Style G                        Whyte Laydie Banjorine  10 3/4" 

Style H                        Tubaphone Banjorine  10 3/4" 

Style K                        Cheapest model mandoline Banjo

$250-G  4/94



Style L                        Whyte Laydie Mandoline Banjo  10 1/8 " 5 str repro-$750-BV-10/95; 

Style M                       Tubaphone 10 3/4/ some 113/4" Style "M" was the simplest Tubaphone made,







'23- # 54797,-$701-ebay-2/00


 Style N                       Little Wonder type









5s repro-$650-L-1/95;




 Style R                       Whyte Laydie Tenor  10  15/16 " & 11 13/16 ": 17 frets

G 7/29/94-'30-$650; 



Repro 5-'24-$1250-L-1/95;

'18-#2 repro-$1175-G-2/95;


1922-repro neck $1350-BVI-12/00


 Style S                        Tubaphone Mandoline Banjo  10 1/8" $400-B-11/89;    $375-B-9/88;

Style VW                    Tenor, made by Martin in 60s $500-G-5/96; 


Style X                        No.9 Tenor with finger board extending over  head, Tubaphone ring with 16 or 17 frets; 11 13/16 "








Special  No.2              5str-Ô24-$600-G-7/99


V 41  V45   Martin Vega model- very rare: $1000-G-7/89; 


V 45           Very rare: Made by Martin; only 2 made Tenors;1974 $2500-P-12/94; 


V 76           Martin Vega Bicentennial model:  limited edition, only 1976 made; numbered;1976 $2000-G-94; 


Vegaphone                 The Vegaphone line did not simply replace the Tubaphone. The Vegaphone  was introduced in 1923 as Vega's high-end tenor banjo.  It had a    resonator and individual flanges (30 of them!), later changing to a    four-piece flange around 1930.  The Vegaphone initially came in    Professional, Artist, and DeLuxe models, with a Soloist model introduced    by 1927. 


Deluxe-30Õs $2750-BV-11/99




Vegavox                      Type by Vega first made in 1924; had deep resonator: & Tubaphone rings:  models: I, II, III, IV,(all deep resonator) and Wonder, Ranger (regular resonators): Ultra Vega Vox V intoduced in 1970: Vega Vox III sn. 99307. Ca. 1950s. tubaphone tonering on top tension rim set into deep      resonator; wood grained pyralin resonator with fancy, engraved and painted side walls; gold plating OHSC $1950 1924-

# I-'56-$1200-G-?/94;   














Vega                            Korea   (Galaxie Trading Co.) or Japan ??1980- Vega-'80-$300-G-7/8/94;  V244-$425-E-4/94 


Ventura                       Japanesse made Gibson copies late 60Õs1970s- c. $1000 new  


Vernon, The                     Older Banjo Uke: 8 bracket wood rim 


Vibrante                      English Zither banjo model by Cammeyer 


Vibrante Royal           English Zither banjo model by Cammeyer 


Victor                          Model for G.C Dobson: Victor Gem, Victor Star etc.

Victor Gem-Ô80s-# 24-$425-BV-11/99

Victor Star-$405-ebay-11/99


Victor Star $250-ebay-2/00


Victoria                               1880 banjo maker ??? Unknown maker but it looks like Lyon & Healy (Chicago) The Name VICTORIA and WARRANTED is on a decal on the back of the peghead. 11" 20 brackets. 


Victory                                Model by Ditson; Ban-Uke-$250-ebay-11/99 


VIP                              Vega model by C F Martin with Tubaphone tone ring; intro: 1968



T-#M130946-'69 $995-mint-BV-1/00



Virginian                    model made by Stelling $2200-G-7/89; 


Vista                            Made in orient; modern $110-E-8/90; 


Vivavox                       English model banjo by Young made for Emile Grimshaw & Son; 1940s 


Vega Vox                    banjo made by Vega: Vega Vox: 1920Õs- T-vox IV-1967-$3000-e199 P-vox V-1972-$4000-e199  >W. 


Waisanen                           Mastertone style banjos handcrafted in Michigan: $875-$1000 


Waldo                         Brand of instruments, banjos included  made by Barrows  of Saginaw MI  Waldo . ca. 1890s. 11 inch, heavy spunover rim with curly maple interior and all original      hardware; 27 inch scale curly maple neck; ebony fingerboard with attractive pearl and silver inlays EX      OSSC $595 c. 1890-1900s GG. P. 57:  cohen-Mug. : Waldo Presentation $2000-BV-2/95:  Waldo regular-$325-BV-2/95: 


Walking Liberty            Model by Rich & Taylor, 1995 one of a kind; $8950-E-7/99 


Ward, R. J. Liverpool:   all brass; early: 1880s;AT. P. 138.  


Washburn                                     made by Lyon & Healy of  Chicago:  some made by R & L: name acquired by Tonk Bros.Co. of Chicago  about 1928 and some at this time were made also by J.R. Stewart and Regal: Top of line was Super De Luxe no. 5187 with wood marquetry scene of tree overlooking field. Giveaway Regal made feature on these instruments was the wandering minstrel on peghead inlaid in pearl. ; 1890-1929


Style C-T-20s-$275-E  12/93: 

Style C-rb-$425-E-8/94;


Style A-T-$450-G-5/6/87; 

Style B-T-$100-G-5/6/87; 




Wash by R&L-Õ10-Farmer ring-$2500-.G-.11/98;

Wash by L&H-P-20s-(very fancy)-$1250-MP2/99


P-30Õs #3328-$450-BV-11/99

T-$250-doughnut ring-ebay-2/00


Washburn                   made in Japan  new ones


 Washington                    Stromberg-Voisinet Washington . ca. 1930s. 19 fret tenor with raised tonering, pearloid covered peghead, fingerboard, resonator, complete with flange, armrest; walnut    neck with carved heel  $475-BV-10/99 


Watt, C.L                     Phila, PA;c. 1870 


Weaver, A                   English; banjo in 1878; unfretted ornate engraved German silver fingerboard: 6 & 7 string models; later 5 string; Lower priced, well built unadorned models as well: spoon shaped heel butt: wooden tailpieces, died 1919; 1878-1919  I have seen one model, 12"head, fretless but neck completely covered in metal


Weiser Special Senorita               model by B&D 


Wells                           Reading England; zither banjo with metal back; none survivie.;1894- 


Wendal Hall Professional            models by  Ludwig and Ludwig  


Weymann, H.A. & Sons               Phila, PA. .This company was in business from 1864 to 1934.Started making banjos in 1900: with the Keystone , the Orchestra in 1925 , W&S; ÒMegaphonicÓ-having thick rim and pulloff resonator; top of line Orchestra had models Style A & #1 to #5 in 1925; #6 replaced #5 in 1926 and #7 replaced #6 & #3 in 1929. ÒOrchestraÓ banjos ranged in price from $ 140 to $420, whilst the  ÒKeystone StateÓ range were priced from $35 to $85. The firm seems to have stopped making banjos in 1934 probably as a result of the 1929 depression.1864-1934; AT. P. 38;  GG 120:      Style A was WeymannÕs simplest with very little ornamentation, all mahagony 19 frets rosewood bindings;  Model 140-open back 17 fret: Model 50-19fret T mahagony neck & reson Weymann Style 50 sn. 46995. Ca. 1920s. five string; mahogany neck; 11 inch rim with mahogany resonator and decorative flangeC $950 Model 70-19fret tenor, maple neck &reson Model 85-19fret tenor mahagony neck & reson Style 1-mahagony, megaphonic rim fancy inlay Style 20-all maple 10 3/4/ rim Style 3-megaphonic ring, engraved tension hoop, maple resonator with fancy marquetry on sidewall gold sparkle trim on edge of rim gold hardware. Style 4-Brazilian rosewood, carved heel; m-o-p-vine runs through fingerboard and over top edge of rim; gold plated and engraved; Style 5 very fancy, gold, vine inlay: Style 2-curly maple resonator, fancy pearl inlay in peghead and fingerboard, brazilian rosewood binding, ebony armrest Style 6- rare with walnut, multicolored marquetry on resonator, carved heel, gold plate; 



Style A-T-20s-$550-G;             





Model 85-T-20s-$500-G;            



#40 MB-$125-V-11/93;   

Style 335-Ô15-$380-V-11/93;         


Style A-T-20s-$550-G;           

Keystone State-T-Ô24-$275-E-11/93;


Style #50-T-Ô20-$300-G-7/89; 



Style 335-Ô15-20-$380-V-8/94; 

Model 40-openback-$800-B-9/94;  



Style 1-T-Ô28-$550-P-3/95;     


Style 50-Ô20s-T-$350-P-3/95;

Keystone State-$650-misc 3/95;


Style 1-repro-Õ25-$1500-misc 3/95;

Style 2-T-Õ20s-$650-G-12/95;


Style 2-T-Õ25-$750-E-5/96;

Style 3-T-Õ24-$1500-E-5/96;


No. 40-5str-1910-$575-E 10/98

Style 20-Õ17-$650-BV-10/98;


Style 5-20s-$6250-BV-11/98:

Style 4-T-20s-$4500.-BV-11/98;


Style 2-20s-orig 5str-$2650-BV-11/98;

Model 140-20s-T-$295-BV 11/98


Model 50-30s-T-$450-BV-11/98

Model 70-T-30s-$450-BV-11/98


Model 85-T30s-$550-BV-11/98

Style 1 T-28-$550-MP2/99


Style 50-T-20s-$350-MP2/99

Keystone 5str. $325-ebay 7/99

Style 3-repro-$2300-E-7/99

Style 50-$950-BV-10/99


Style 1 orig 5-mega-$1950-bv-10/99

Style 20 openback-$575-BV-10/99


Style 2 –P-20Õs #44204-$1350-BV-11/99



Style 1-P-30s-$650-BVI-12/00

Style 70-P-30s-$575-BVI-12/00



Whaley-Royce,            Toronto: made by Lyon & Healy Imperial-$500-B  11/93


Whitehead and Hoag Co Newark N.J.: a banjo called "The Cincy"


White Eagle                     model by Alverez Ô80-$750-MP2/99 


White Star Stelling model: Used $1300-E-4/99 


Whyte Laydie             banjio made by Vega: introduced in 1901 by Fairbanks (Day), models #2 & #7: 1901-





 #7-$9,500-W-1/95; '10-



Style R repro by BR-$1546-M-10/94;


# 2-orig-$1650-L-1/95;

orig #2-'22-$1850-G-2/95;

orig #2-'08-$2750-G-2/95:




F#2-Õ11-$1850-G 8/95;

Guitar Banjo-$2000-G-10/98;





#2-orig 5-1928-#79729-BV-$2200-10/99

#2-1928-orig 5-#79729-$2200-BVI-12/00



Wickham, G.H.           Box 492, Talent Ore 97540;  Custom made banjos by hand; 7 models from $95-$430; 1980s 


Wikes                          Holyoke, MA; RTB p.54;


 Wildwood Music Co,                  445 I St. Arcata, CA 95521: made by Mark Platin; models- Heirloom, Heirsolo, Folk Era Longneck, Troubador, Paragon, Artist, Soloist. Troubadours have tubaphone ring;    early 70s-pres; $900-2000-E: 

Long Neck- $525-E-3/90;


Long neck-new-$1121-M/94;





Wilkes, F. C.                                            English; Reads: F. C. Wilkes by Royal patent letters to England and the US, Patent No. 1925 and 554967. 5 string with 5th through tunnel 


Williams (RS) and Sons-              Toronto Canada-turn of century: AT. p. 103;  $2000-G-7/89;               Presentation c. 1900 #6706-$3500-BVI-12/00


Wilmshurst, Arthur    London: Zither banjos: which had ornate metal fretwork backed by color silk bewteen the starining and hoop and outer casting of banjo; also had 1891 patent on Zither B. in which vellum was clamped between 2 clamping rings. Wilmshurst Zither . 1900. 6 string with tunnel short string. Fancy fretwork flange plate around top. Mahogany neck. Slotted peghead w/nice quality tuners.  mahogany neck, $145 1890-1946 $450-BV-10/95; 1900-$185-BV-10/98 


Wilson, Albert.           Troy, NY; 1850-1870; Cohen-Mug. 


Wilson& Farnum        Troy; 1855-1865 


Wilson Brothers          Chicago Ill.  tenors & ??; 1930's T-30s-$350-P-12/94; 

WILSON BROTHERS MANUFACTURING CO: Founded circa 1890 at Chicago, IL by

Tom Wilson primarily to manufacture drums and drum accessories. They built

and marketed

the "Wilson All Metal Banjo" and banjo ukulele and claimed patents on a

bracketless metal

rim and the top-tension banjo rim, although no such patents have surfaced.

They were still in business in 1927.



Winder, J. G.               English; 1886 on appears to make Zither banjos with Balalaika type machine heads, all button being on one side: claimed to be first to use aluminum in a hoop: claimed to be first to play a picollo banjo, whic he made himself;


 Windsor                     English Banjo maker: made Zither banjos as well:   1885 started to make open back banjos: 1896 book on how a Zither banjo is made; Sillouette of Windsor Castle was trade mark.Shop bombed in WWII; up to that time they were largest maker of fretted instruments in UK: Newhall factory did thousands each year. Models, #1 De Luxe, Premier #1,#3; Popular #1 & #2, Artiste #3:  1893-194? Banjoists Broad #123:  Windsor Premier model #1,, c. 1920, VG+, 10 3/4inch head, 26inch scale, rosewood neck w/ pearl inlays,

Premier-£100-BB-10/87; Zither-£150-BB 10/87;

Brass zither-14"head-£225-HG-94;

Premier 3-T-£275-HG-94; zither-1900-$475-G-12/95;


Premier #1, 1920-$1000-G-11/98



Winston     Rare Electric 4 string banjo. Looks like a banjo with pick-ups in head 


Wizard        Banjo UKe, 30Ós or 20Õs with marquetry around rim: also tenor with walnut resonator: m-o tolet seat peg head 


Wonder                       Vega model by Martin; 1960s 68-$500-P-12/94 1970s-$600-E-4/99 (ss# 158) 


Wondertone                     Later tenor  and Plectrum model marked SS Stewart  withfancy marquetry on rim and resonator; probably made by Retberg and Lang. Arch top tone ring


 Wood, A.G.                Zillion brackets, painted fingerboard, fretless; 1890:  It is an early 30 inch banjo signed A. G. Wood. The mahogany neck has beautiful mother of pearl inlays . The back of the base of the neck has a silver plate which is etched, "Alice Fonda Oswego, NY."  Bernunzio 1997 $125. $123-ebay-1/00 


Woods Banjo Co         Falmouth, ME; c. 1887; RTB p.54;


Woodsong                         modern US made banjo by Corky ????????? 


Worco                                  older tenor banjo by ??



 Wulschner, Emil & Sons    Indianapolis, IN..The Regal (wholesaler)..  ?; Cohen-Mug. 


Wurlitzer, Rudolph    Cincinatti, OH.......Howard....1856-194?; Cohen-Mug.:   T-20s-$125-E-3/90;


Wurlitzer                     NYC ; Cohen-Mug. 


Yale                                       tenor model; late 20s $275-B-4/87; 


Yosco, L                       Thick wooden hollow rim,  with sound chambers. open at top; botton is rounded -like doughnut Holds one patent 1901?-T-$170-ebay 2/00               



List compiled by Stu Cohen of the Music Emporium in Pittsburgh Pa. & published in Mugwumps; added to by Jay Cohn, The String Shop, Boston, MA.; further edited by Joe Bethancourt,Phoenix Az. & expanded by Bill Reese©.                     List of Abbriviations:                B           Bollman                                            BB        Banjo Broadsheet                                                    BV        Bernunzio                                        E           Elderly                                              G           Gruhn                                    HG        Hobgoblin                                      L            Banjo Loft                                       M  (MB) Mandolin Brothers                                               MP         McPeake                                         P             McPeake (now MP)                                              PS           Pickers Supply                               S              SullyÕs                                     TR           Traditional                                     V             Vintage in Phili                                                     W             West