Percy Meredith Reese (1849- 1913?) was your great, great grandfather. He married Elizabeth McCormick of Alexandria Va in 1872. (Percy and Lizzie in 1873). They had 2 sons, Guy Harrison Reese and Percy Meredith Reese.

Percy and Lizzie in 1910 (age about 61). Nancy wears their wedding ring. It is inscribed "To Lizzie from Percy 1872".

Guy Harrison Reese (your great grandfather) and his brother Percy Meredith Reese , with their new wives, Juliet Wilson Reese and Irene Boyd Reese.

Percy and Wilson (Pop-pop). My dad and his granddad!(age 63) in 1912, the year Wilson was born.

Lizzie in 1912.

Juliet Wilson Reese (d.1940) was your great grandmother. She was married to Guy and was my father's (pop-pop's) mother. Here is Juliet and my father in 1912, a few months after he was born.

Guy Harrison Reese(age 27) (1885-1949) and Wilson (father and son). Guy was your great grandfather, my father's father. We called him Pop.

Here is another of the proud daddy and his son.

Edward Chambers Wilson, was Juliet's dad, and your great, great grandfather. They called him "The Boss".

Mrs. Anna Keene Wilson called "Grannie", Juliet's Mother (your great, great, grandmother) . Standing behind her is Juliet, holding Wilson. Sitting in front of her on ground is Irene Boyd Reese. c.1912 or 1913.

Here is Wilson's first car ride in 1912.

Here is one from 1917, Wilson and his mom, Juliet. He was 5.

Wilson at St James high School c. 1928. 4th from left, top row-football player!

Guy, Juliet, Wilson and Ann-family passport photo 1930. Wilson was 18.

Ann Reese (my father's sister) mid 1920s.

Ann Reese Robey was Pop-pop's, sister. She married Lorimer Robey. (Ann Reese Robey c. 1960)

"Little" Meredith c. 1930, was the son of Percy Meredith Reese, and my father's first cusin.

Percy Meredith Reese (Little Meredith) (my father's first cousin) with Beth, 1975 in Dale City.

and another of Little Meredith with Guy, Beth, Bill, Nana, Nancy and Ben at Ben's birthday 1975.


William S.K. Wells (1889-1928) was your great grandfather on my mother's side. He was Nana's dad. (William S.K. Wells in 1906), age 17.

William S.K. Wells, date unknown, but a publicity shot. He was an actor.

Kathryn Fahey Wells (your great grandmother, Nana's mom). Date unknown.

Elizabeth "Betty" Wells (Nana) in about 1914, age 2.

Wells Family Group 1938 or 1939: Bill Wells (Nana's brother) with his hands on Eleanor Wells (Nana's sister); behind her-Sara Wells (Nana's sister); Older woman is Aunt Elanore Gibbons; Next to her, blond lady is Marie Wells (Nana's sister). On right end is Nana (age 26) holding my brother Ed. Behind Marie are Betty Mae, Nana's cousin and Tess, Nana's aunt.

Sisters c. 1955. Eleanor, Sara, Elizabeth (Nana about age 38) and Mary Gibbons.


Carl Stuart Horner (your grand dad, your mom's dad) c.1960s age late 40s

Carl Stuart Horner (your granndad, your mom's dad) and Beth 1973.

Carl Stuart Horner and his 2nd wife Lorna, with Nancy and Beth 1973.

Dorothy Kurtz Horner (your grandmother, your mom's mother) and Nancy.

Dorothy Kurtz Horner (your grand mother, your mom's mom) c. 1960s age late 40s.

Dorothy (your mom's mom) probably in the 1940s.

Nancy Sue Horner (your mom) c. 1944.


Betty (Nana) and Wilson (Pop-pop) about 1965. You Grand Mother and Grand Father (my Mother and Father)

Nana (age 53) in 1965.

Ed and Bill c. 1944 on Alendale Rd.

Ed and Bill about 1949 on Colonial Rd.. (#1) (#2)

Ed, 3rd from right front row at St. Charles Grade School c. 1950s

Bill, Wilson & Ed 1965