Moch Pryderi is one of Virginia's oldest Pan-celtic bands. Together for 18 years, the band performs the traditional celtic reels, jigs, and ballads from Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Brittany and Galicia with occasional forays into traditional Appalachian American music. The band has extensive experience playing in Celtic festivals, Irish Pubs, St. Patrick's day events, Burns nights, and Welsh festivals throughout the eastern US. The band's instrumentation consists of Celtic Harps, including the rare Welsh Triple Harp, Irish Bouzouki, Fiddle, Welsh Crwth, Bodhran, small pipes, Welsh pibgorns and whistles.

As "Hard Tack & Sow Belly" the band performs a vast aray of Civil War music for balls, dances, formal dinners, re-enactments and parties.

Moch Pryderi has performed widely on the east coast, including the Millennium Stage at the Kennedy Center in Washington D.C., The Celtic Classic in Bethlehem Pa., the Philadelphia Folk Festival, the Washington Folk Festival, the Fredericksburg Welsh Festival, the Philadelphia Welsh Festival, the Historic Rugby Tennessee Festival of British & Appalachian Culture, the Celtic Nations Heritage Festival in Lake Charles Louisiana, the Welsh Heritage Center in Wymore Nebraska, and the North American Festival of Wales in Cleveland Ohio.


Welsh Triple harp, vocals, whistles, folk flute, fife, Welsh Pibgorn, double-strung and single course lever harp, mandolin, bouzouki

Mary began her training in concert harp but swiftly found herself gravitating to her first love, Celtic music, and to folk harps of all kinds-- including the wire-strung, native to both Scotland and Ireland. She is one of only a handful of professional players of the Welsh Triple harp and it has become her favorite instrument outside of voice. She is a multi-instrumentalist who performs on instruments drawn not only from Celtic and Appalachian traditions, but also from African and Native American cultures as well. She is a presenter of world music traditions for schools and home-school groups. Mary teaches both harp and voice in her hometown of Fredericksburg.

Mary plays on double and triple harps made by Robert Cunningham.



Bodhran, Dumbek, Biwbo

Rik was first exposed to Celtic music at the University of Delaware radio station where he was an announcer for 4 years. Not having grown up with a knowledge of his own Welsh heritage, he thought it was time to get involved and embrace his Welshness.  Becoming a member of Moch Pryderi was for Rik, a part of the natural progression of his involvement in all things Welsh.

Rik's Bordhran is made by Mance Grady. On Breton songs he plays a Toca Dumbeck.


Irish Bouzouki, Welsh pibgorn, Bagpipes, Breton bombardes, banjo, whistles and vocals

Bill grew up in Baltimore during the folk music boom of the early 60's. He played with "The Colony Singers" under contract with ABC Paramount records. After a stint in the Peace Corps in Turkey and Iran, Bill played in Europe for 15 years with "The Free State String Band". But It was through the Welsh band "Ar Log" that he discovered the great Welsh folk song traditions and dance music.Twenty years in Europe piqued his interest in the music of Brittany which he visited on a regular basis.

Bill plays a Pibgorn and Welsh Bagpipe by John Tose of Crymych Wales. Bill's Bombard is by Christian Besrechel, biniaouer ha talabarder living in Ploeuc not far from St Brieuc in Brittany. Bill's Celtic Bouzouki was made by Fredericksburg Luthier Bob Gramann.




Lauren Smith is an Adjunct Math Professor at Germanna Community College and a Zumba instructor at the University of Mary Washington.

In addition to Moch Pryderi she plays fiddle and Ukulele with Celtic Machinations, and is a first violinist with the Piedmont Symphony Orchestra.



Bagpipes, Small Pipes, Bass

For Information and bookings:

Call or Text Bill; 540-850-3003
Call or Text Mary; 540-538-1494






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